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Finding ammo on Normandy Beaches

Article about: hi there, i have recently been to Normandy for a tour of the beaches, on our spare day off we decided to do a bit of beach combing. We stumbled across a section of beach that threw up 30 liv

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    Wow, Maybe i should rethink my trip to The French coast. Everyone in Europe seems to have their hand in the pie. Really! They claim ownership of all WWII Items. What if they find a B-17G in the forest with dead American crew or a C-47 with Crew and Troopers? I wonder who claimed the P-38 that washed ashore in France a couple years ago?

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    Hi, I've a property near Omaha Beach and surface finds are pretty frequent. Stuff is still washed in from the holds of sunk vessels and the tides can reshape the beaches uncovering all sorts of stuff. I always try to be around for Spring tides for that reason. As Steve says though, caution!
    I would love to see some of your Omaha Beach findings!!! If you manage to show us something you will offer me a lot of daydreaming!!

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    I was over there in 07, at Utah beach, we camped there for a while, we picked up cases from near the bunkers + a relic U.S helmet. i also have sand from all the beaches with no probs.

    you surely didn't find a US helmet on Utah beach without a metal detector

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