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finds whilst ploughing

Article about: by gibba1008 inside diameter 4 3/4 inches or 120 cm That would match the Fin Lock Nut M2 which has a thread diameter of 4.7 inches. The thread pitch is 12NS-1, NS later being renamed UNS I b

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    Default finds whilst ploughing

    i was ploughing a couple of weeks ago on the bomb dump site on our airfield and found a couple of bits an bobs.
    firstly some transport plugs and a handle that screws into the plug to assist handling(well thats what i presume as never seen one before.
    then i ploughed up this rather nice object, the complete rear end of a bomb finds whilst ploughingfinds whilst ploughingfinds whilst ploughing

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    Default Re: finds whilst ploughing

    You guys have to quit digging and leave a little bit for me. Just give it a couple years and then you can dig again. : )

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    Default Re: finds whilst ploughing

    The handle is for fitting/removing propeller hub domes:

    Photos by the late Gary Austin.

    All the best,

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    Default Re: finds whilst ploughing

    Thanks for the i.d, the threads on the handle looked the same size as the bomb transport plugs and both found on bomb dump,so put two and two together and got five! thanks for setting me straight, an interesting tool.

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    Default Re: finds whilst ploughing

    The back of the bomb looks like the fuze pocket, it will probably have some details marked around the outside.

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    Default Re: finds whilst ploughing

    Intresting finds! have you ever had a go with a metal detector over it ?


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    Default Re: finds whilst ploughing

    i think your back is in fact the front of a small bomb, i found this type too on a dutch airstrip with a metal detector , i found the body mainly still intact it had the same front.
    only the inner fuze was blown away.
    We always searched for dump holes, lots of stuff was there to be found, in old bombcraters.
    Most dangerous where the Typhoon rockets.....and the bomb fuzes made of glass with a liquid type of fosfor in it.
    a glass fuze is an inch wide and about 12 inch long, it easily sets 15 Sq.feet in flames.......i had smashed one with a stone from a distance of 10 yards.
    Never do this at home....or else where...LOL

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    Default Re: finds whilst ploughing

    this is definatly the rear of a usaaf ww2 bomb, not small either mate!! il find some pics of one in place.

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    Hi Gibba,
    the ones i found were small chemical ones, i assume phosfor, the diameter of the "end of the bomb" would be no more then 7" i guess, overall lenght (without tale) would be about 30 inch, never knew it was the rear end, mine was still inplace but missed the inner rings.
    The ones i found were no scrapnel pieces, they just bursted open like a can, if you could had folt them back they would be round again.
    On the other side was a tiny hole ( about 2-3 inch) always assumed it was where the tail would be screwed into.
    thx 4 the info M8

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    Default Re: finds whilst ploughing

    finds whilst ploughingheres a pic of the rear view of these

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