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First day searching Normandie

Article about: You are not intitles to use a metal detector on your land or the land of others even with their permission. You must have the OK from the French government all done with paper work . The Fre

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    Quote by Eric Zentner View Post
    The use of metal detectors was controlled by the use of the war time Patrimony Act 1941 but, on the 18 December 1989 Law Number 89-900 (NOR: MCCX8900 163L) was adopted. However see appendix (L542) adopted in 2004.

    Article 1: No one may use metal detecting equipment for the purpose of searching for monuments and objects which could interest (concern?) prehistory, history, art or archaeology without first having obtained administrative authorisation issued according to the qualification of the applicant and also the nature and method of searching.

    Article 2: All publicity and instructions on the use of metal detectors must carry the warning of the prohibition stated in Article 1, the penalties involved and also the reason for this legislation.

    Article 3: Every infringement of the present law will be noted by officers, police agents and other law enforcement officers, as well as by officials, agents and guardians of Article 3 of the law number 80-532 of 15 July 1980 relative to the protection of public collections against acts of vandalism.

    Article 4: The reports drawn up by the various persons designated by Article 3 above will, until proved to the contrary, be given or sent, without delay, to the public prosecutor of the Republic in the jurisdiction where the offence was committed.

    Under French law the enactment of legislation is followed by the Decree which determines how the law will be applied. In this case the Decree states:

    Article 1 The authorisation to use metal detectors, provided for by Article1 of the 18 December 1989 Law is granted, on the demand of the interested party, by the license of the Prefect of the region in which the land to be searched is situated.

    The request for authorisation must establish the identity, competence and experience of the applicant as well as the location, scientific objective and the duration of the searches to be undertaken.

    When the searches are to be carried out on land which does not belong to the applicant, the written application must be accompanied by a document of consent written by the owner of the land and, if appropriate, anyone else who has the right.

    Article 2 Anyone who uses a metal detector to carry out searches of the sort described in Article 1 of the Law without having first obtained the authorisation required or who does not observe the requirements described in Article 1 of this Decree will be punished by the fine applicable for contraventions of the fifth class.
    The equipment used in the infringement will be confiscated.

    Article 3 Whoever publicises or draws up publicity for, or draw up information about the use of metal detectors and fails to draw attention to the requirements of Article 2 of the Law will be punished according to the penalties applicable for offences of the fifth class.

    Beaches are believed to be outside this Law.

    Appendix (L542)
    Art L542: No one can use equipment allowing metal target detection, to search monuments for objects of interest to pre-history, history, art or archaeology, without having first obtained an administrative authorisation, which may be given depending on the qualification of the applicant, as well as the nature of and reason for the research. Those who contravine are liable ti fines within the band class 5. The purpose of this regulation is the protection of archaeological sites. The authorisation of archaeological research using metal detectors requires the permission of the prefect of the area concerned.
    That is how it was, but it has changed now since France signed the Valletta Treaty (as most of the European memebers have). I went to the prefecture to ask for a permit for metal detecting, and they told me they dont do that anymore in France because the law has changed. There seem to be only 2 departments in France that have a complete ban on private metal detecting, but Manche is not one of them.
    With the new European law all one needs is permission of the owner of the land (in case you are not the owner yourself), and they also told me it should be writen permission on paper. On your own land you do not need permission of the prefecture anymore.

    So I will continue to detect on my own land if you don't mind, and after that I will detect the fields around it, and next to the roads leading up to the beaches, where ever I can get permission to do so.

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    Quote by helmetone View Post
    Why not? What's the issue with metal detectors?
    err .... they find things that may go BOOM - and if so, one may not have a leg to stand on ( legally or otherwise )

    ...just trying to cut the tension here guys
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Inside is a chain, it is broken but it seem all the parts are there. In the inside is a name and the number 9. Any thoughts on the number 9?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture First day searching Normandie   First day searching Normandie  

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    It is a Catholic Rosary.........


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    A rosary .......
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Could the number be of a regiment? Is Jeremy a German name, or Americain? Ther were only Mauser rounds there, no Americain shells.

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    Any future postings of other languages must include translations for the other members to read. Thank Gents
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    I also live in Normandy. I can tell you positively that it is now SERIOUSLY against the law to have in your possession ANY items that have come from the battlefields. ALL items that come from the ground are now the property of the State....even ancient artefacts. If you find an item lying on top of the ground and you pick it up you are breaking the law..even if it is on your own land. Metal detectors are a definite no no in Normandie..Orne, Manche, Calvados, Eure etc. If the coppers catch you with one it's goodnight Vienna. They mean business now. It is even against the law to have a vase made from a fired cartridge case....yes, it's true, even though there are hundreds for sale on the stalls here. The police turn a blind eye, but if they wanted to anyone selling a vase could be hauled off and fined. It's Draconian but very true. The Prefecture who told you it was OK has no current knowledge of the law. As is sometimes the case, if in doubt, make it up or give a Gallic shrug..that's the way things are sometimes done here. So please, be VERY careful. By the way, I speak from bitter experience and have been fined myself for possession of a fired 5cm German case.

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    Glad to see that I did have a clue about what I was talking about.

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    Indeed, my understanding is that all relics from WW1 and WW2, regardless of where or how they are found, are now property of the French state. Removal of them from the location you find them is classed as theft from the state and, as already been pointed out, subject to hefty fines.

    This isn't a case of anyone here being right or wrong, but merely one of trying to help you avoid a nasty surprise.

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