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Geilenkirchen -Op Clipper

Article about: Some nice items ground dug from trenches around the Geilenkirchen area Found some nice personal items including a DKLI cap badge, tunic button and webbing clips all around some trenches. Som

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    Hi I am finished in Germany unfortunately! Hope to come back next year to do some hunting! I am in Tubingen right now as my son is receiving specialist cancer treatment now

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    My best wishes and prayers to you and your family. I was stationed in Brunssum from 2005-2010 and though my focius is aviation archaeology, I started out on battlefields. The funny thing is, I never found more then damn ammo and grenades and nothing but shrapnel in Dorset woods. I was never very lucky on battlefields. In over 30 years of digging I never found a helmet and only one K98! Though when it comes down to aircraft I am real good
    Currently (since last week) I am stationed in Hohenfels, Bavaria and I intend to look for a Lancaster near Nuernberg with five missing crew members. Danny

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    I haven't really got involved in aviation archeology but we live in York, England and is surrounded by Ww2 airfields and crash sites! A Lancaster came down in some fields in our home village! I intend to do some searching there! It didn't break up and was mostly salvaged so I imagine the debris field was limited! I miss being in Germany! I left the Army about 4 weeks ago! Are you in the US forces I guess? Take care Danny and good luck

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    Bavaria rocks, we were there last weekend in Wertach! Are there any battlefields near you down there? I have been to Hoenfels, a huge training area!

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    Default Re: Geilenkirchen -Op Clipper wishe's to you and family.

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    Hello John,
    No i didnt really search on camp, i wish i had now! although when we pulled out of Bruggen (37) hill 60 was being tidied up and an MG 34 was found!


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