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German soldiers graves looted for memorabilia

Article about: I just stumbled across this article in the International Business Times- Interesting. It's a couple years old, so this might be old news. Murder For Profit: German War Graves Being Desecrate

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    The market makers must share some of the responsibilty for this black trade especially with ground-dug dog-tags. Simply, without a ready market there would be no grave robbers.
    I collect, therefore I am.

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    Just out of curioisty, what ethics to respectable diggers use when collecting artifacts, especially those near human remains?

    What makes a "black digger" a black digger- other than treating fallen soldiers with disrepect. I read a book once where the divers (U-boat) would collect artifacts from the wreck, but would not move human remains to search them or to collect artifacts underneath them etc. Do repectable diggers follow this as well?

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