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Article about: Well,I have some experience with ammo,I was in diving special operations unit in Spain,I'm detecting about 1 year ago,I'm a beguinner,by the moment I have a garret 250,but thinking about buy

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    Default Hello

    Hi to everybody!!
    I'm living in Estonia and plan to go search relics soon,only need contacs here....

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    Welcome to the site erider..Hope you find what you are looking for? Cheers Terry.

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    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Hello and Welcome.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    hello,living there means you should not have too much trouble finding stuff.

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    Welcome to WRF erider. I have moved the thread to the archaeology forum for you, may help with contacts.


    Experienced guide and published author leading detailed study trips to the former KZ sites of Nazi Germany. Contact for further details.

    "maka akaŋl oyate maŋi pi ki le, tuweŋi wypeya oki hi sni"

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    Welcome to the forum.

    A couple of questions for you.

    Have you ever detected for WW2 relics before?

    Do you have the right permissions to search the land as I know Estonia has some strict rules about detecting?

    Your chances of gaining contacts on here are fairly remote if you have never detected before. I would suggest, (assuming you have the right permissions), that you dig for yourself to begin with, post your finds here and build up a reputation. Maybe then you may find some contacts.

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    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your searching.

    Follow Steve T's advice and go carefully: there is a lot of potentially dangerous ordnance to be found on virtually any battlefield.

    We all look forward to seeing the results of your searching on here.


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    Estonian detecting rules are not too strict at all but You can find Yourself in a big trouble when You will find live ammo and bring such items to Your home. I sugest to try some local forums if You want to dig with somebody together.

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    Hello and welcome.


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