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Helmet season

Article about: Some helmets in couple days. There are no perfect helmets, but still nice orginal items, some with decal an remains of color. day 1

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    Pretty nice helmets you found there :-) Where about are you digging ?


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    Must have been exciting finding that lot!!

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    My dream job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Nice ! Thanks for posting.. Need any help digging ????

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    Helmet seasonCongrats &Nice finds ...why cant I find these when I go out with my metal detector ? My best is a WWII armored DI &coat buttons!!

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    Great work! Gee if only i lived in Europe!

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    great stuff, all i find when i dig around my house is some old tin foil, and i don't think many people collect that now days.

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    Where is this? The soil looks like Russia, but I'm not sure. No they aren't perfect helmets, but you can't exactly expect that from a helmet that has been buried for 70+ years. Great finds. The best thing I have ever been able to find here in Canada is a half buried 1920s tractor and a brick. Some people just have all the luck. Keep digging!

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    Its not Russia, its Lettland (Latvia) . Called also Kurland pocked. In this place was SS training camp (info from archive ), but not only for SS troops for others too.
    SS finds there were only dog tags

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    Great finds.

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