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Hurricane crash site.

Article about: The following items i have found lying on the surface of a nearby field, usually after ploughing. I undersatnd that it was the site of a hurricane crash in 1941. Any help with identifying th

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    I hope from the previous excavation that some of what they found maybe perhaps went in to a museum somewhere.

    With the pilot being NZ you can actually gain copies of his personnel records and trace his training etc and even possibly relatives.

    Sounds like from the locals they werent happy from what was left over, thats why you need to apply for licenses now for digs. I have currently a license to dig on a Hawker Tempest site.

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    Default Re: Hurricane crash site.

    Whilst trying to find information on the site i was told that the people involved in the dig blamed the farmer for only giving them one day to carry out the excavation. However i have since heard that the reason it was rushed is that they didn't want to pay for two days hire of the jcb, hence the mess and the amount of finds left behind. Apparently the wreck was taken to nearby Duxford, but not for the museums benifit. No one seems to know where it went from there. I would be interested in seeing the records mentioned. How do i go about this.

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    They have a one per year limit and don't have an 'on line' facility.
    What you do is send an e mail to


    All you do is ask for a copy of the service file concerned. They will copy it and send it to you free of charge. This time you deal with humans - usually Lynley Yates - and they are very helpful if they can be. If they have no record that the person is deceased you will recieve a letter to that effect. If you think they are, then you will need to prove it (you are given suggestions). If the person has died then the copy record will just arrive. If they are alive, then you cannot have a copy of their record no matter what.

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    I do know the 2 pilots names and have visited their graves in a local cemetery where they are buried next to one another. I also know the serial no's of the two planes. My main problem is knowing which plane crashed at which site and which one of the pilots was flying it.

    Thanks for the help.

    Steve c

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    nee worries

    If you get hold of the 1180 crash card then that will probably tell you who was flying what and maybe even tell you which crashed where.

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    Default Re: Hurricane crash site.

    The item on the right side of the 3rd photo looks very much like the end cover plug from the hydraulic pump.

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    The buckles are indeed from a Sutton-type harness.

    Quote by steve123 View Post
    ...My main problem is knowing which plane crashed at which site and which one of the pilots was flying it.
    As mentioned in another post, the AM Form 1180s should be of assistance.
    Don't rely too heavily on a location given on this document - The quality varies from excellent to b****y awful!

    Secondly, are there any markings on the fragments which could point to where the aircraft was built? (Many British aircraft were built at "shadow" factories, or under licence. Example: Halifaxes were built not just by the parent company, but also by LAPB and Rootes, to name but two!)

    Looking in the appropriate "RAF Serials" publication should reveal where the respective aircraft were built; I would also obtain a copy of the individual Movement Cards for both aircraft.

    If you need any further assistance, please contact me via PM, or via my website.


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    Default Re: Hurricane crash site.

    At last the field has been ploughed and a small walk today turned up a load of items. I would appreciate any help in identifying them. The small piece in the second photo has the word "open" engraved on it. I would like to know if the third picture contains aircraft parts or is just agricultural junk.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 058.jpg   059.jpg  


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