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Jersey and German Relics

Article about: Most of the german arms dumps were destroyed by the british with explosives, I remember reading the biography of a british lietenant who was in the advance party to check for booby trap bomb

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    Hi, I have just found this thread and was interested to see that Klinger was planning to come to Jersey back in 2010. I am sure that if he had visited the Channel Islands Military Museum in St.Ouen he would have been sure to have seen a really interesting museum full of genuine German militaria left over from the dark days of the German Occupation of the Islands. The museum is housed in a 10.5cm casemate/German bunker right on the sea wall [Hitler's Atlantic Wall]. Every room is full of kit and it would take ages to actually see, read and listed to all the museum has to offer. On display is an original 3 rotar Enigma machine, one of two owned by the museum's owner, both being from the Island, You can also see lots of communication equipment, medical items, medals, swords, daggers, optical and field equipment as well as a great selection of machine guns. There are many documents as well as German proclamations, photo's, permits and civilian items from the time. There is also a small selection of original items surplus to the museum requirements which are on sale to collectors.... the money from these go to funding the purchase of such things as soldbuch/wehrpass and photo albums from German soldiers who were stationed in the Channel Islands during the Occupation. If a large group visit then its also possible to have a guided tour around some of the bunkers which can take all day for those who are really interest. If yo wan tto see some pictures of the museum them go to Home
    If any of you have any items from the Channel Islands such as soldbuch or wehrpass then contact the museum's owner at as he is always looking for such items for the museums archive.
    If you make it to Jersey then its well worth visiting the musem.

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    Hey Jersey34

    Welcome to the forum.
    Thanks for your contribution.
    And if you happen to see klinger remind him he still owns me money!!

    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Sorry, I don't know this Klinger guy.... but if I do stumble across him I will be sure to let him know to get hold of you and sort out what he owes you.
    I am always looking to move on spare kit to fund future purchases so when he pays you email me ..... as I may have items of interest to you. A small selection of kit can be seen at Home
    I am also after soldbuch and wehrpass from the Channel Islands so let me know what you have.

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    Hi, try the attached link, maybe there a few unknown/forgotten places in Jersey ?

    German Bunker in my Garden: Background

    When you've read down to the 4th photo on this page, go back up to the picture of the MX5 and to the right of it click on "Shrub Clearance" and again when you've read that back up to "Arrival of Digger", and carry on like that, you might want to make yourself a cup of tea before you start.
    Regards Gary

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    Jersey is only 9 x 5 miles so that "German Bunker" was well known of before the chap bought the place.... nothing of interest or note there I am afraid.

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    Here is a pic of the guns at the bottom of the cliffs, we found a few 8mm Mauser bullets on the cliff paths.

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    Cool Re: Jersey and German Relics

    Hello, I thought I would post Damien's website for you all.[/URL][/URL]

    I live over here and his Bunker is well worth a visit. Also, interested parties may contact the Jersey Occupation Society for opening times, as certain Bunkers are only open on Bank holidays etc.

    Enjoy your stay.

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    Sorry forgot to add the Occupation societies web site! :-



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    are those guns still there? Either the scrap dealers have gotten to them or a museum would've by now?

    does anyone know?

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    The guns are still there, they weigh approx 6 tons each and are "virtually" impossible to retrieve, of the 26 that were dumped I think only 3 or 4 have been lifted out - I took the photo a few months ago in the summer of 2011.

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