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Korean war relics deteriorating

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    Default Korean war relics deteriorating

    I research Korean war battlefields and relic hunt in those areas.
    In the past year I've found a number of great relics but they are quickly deteriorating. I need help/advice on how to preserve them. Several items need attending to asap for example a u.s. zippo lighter and a french legionaire trench art recovered from an important battle site. Also relics like garrand clips, personal keys, stripper clips, first aid pouch are also deteriorating.
    I'm to the point of looking for museums to send them to but not having any luck.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Korean war relics deteriorating

    I'm trying to upload pictures but the site won't let me.....

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    the tend to take a long time to upload

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    Keep persevering with the photos I'd love to see what you have found

    Bung B

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    testing pix upload.....fantastic! It worked. So now that I got this figured out I can post pictures of Korean War relics in the future. The 60th anniversary is coming later this month.

    This is a memorial dedicated at the Battle of Chipyongni in the Korean War. 5,000 U.S./French forces surrounded by 25,000 Chinese Communist Forces for 3 days and duked it out.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture -chipyongni-memorial-2-.jpg  

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    There is actually a section for restoration/preservation:

    Collector's Community- Restoration & Refurbishing at War relics forum

    Ask in there and anyone who can help surely will...
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    I've been stationed in Korea, and majority of the country is still at a state of war, and as you get closer to the front, the 38th parallel , there are places you will not , and cannot go to , as there are places are are still mined, and placed that have mines left over from the end when they called a cease fire, as the war never ended, it was just a cease fire.

    Up on the line is very serious, they have tank traps at every bridge, and troops in pill boxes in the mountains, and country side to this day, as South Korea is always at a state of war, look at what happened recently , with North Korea sinking one of the South Korea's ships.

    They have if i remember right 5 tunnels they have discovered that the North keeps digging into the south, one of the tunnels is so huge, that you could drive two 5 ton trucks side by side down it, they have troops with seismic equipment monitoring for more tunneling , as the North to this continues to dig more tunnels south into South Korea.


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