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Lady Be Good .5 Browning for sale.

Article about: Interesting link to a dismal story. The 'After the Battle' article fascinated me. McLemore Auction Company, LLC

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    Default Lady Be Good .5 Browning for sale.

    Interesting link to a dismal story. The 'After the Battle' article fascinated me.
    McLemore Auction Company, LLC

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    The last few days have seen some frantic biding that has seen this baby rocket up to US$21,000 - with still one day to go.

    I know we say "buy the item, not the story" but wow, what a story!!!!!

    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    It must be one of the most famous aircraft wrecks in history. It was the description of climbing into a turret and firing the guns which got me. All downhill from there!

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    What an odd thing to pop up as I JUST had a guy that sold military surplus in town tell me about a Ma Deuce recovered from the Lady Be Good. It was kept right here in my local area too supposedly. The gentleman that told me the story actually went to the house to have a look at the collection. He said there where a lot of pics of Lady Be Good, and the gun. Also in the particular collection the guy was said to have a complete flight deck of a B-24. Wish I could remember all of the details, but I honestly thought I would never hear anything more about it.

    I thoroughly believe it is plausible that the M-2 could have been from that particular crash site, and still able to fire some 35+ years later, it's not unheard of. Not saying it is... but its possible. I do find it interesting to see this thread not three days after hearing this story.

    Oh yea, I remember now that he had a Mustang in his basement as well... This video is on the auction page as well

    To bad the collection is being parted out, would have been a great public museum (especially since I am so close!)

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    Wow $41,500

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