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Link ejector chute from B-17 base

Article about: Pictured below is a link ejector chute found last weekend on the dump site of a former B-17 base in Suffolk ... and I was hoping that somebody (e.g. Paul Bellamy) could provide a bit more in

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    As this thread appears to be taking something of a gastronomic slant I thought I'd better get things back on course ... Below are pictures of the link ejector chute that emerged from the dump at Little Walden last year .... And yes, I've just realized that it is the same flavour as the one above ... albeit having surrendered some of its structural integrity!

    Interestingly, whereas the Emerson produced chute has no discernible part numbers this one has several - 1350-RH / 1356-RH / 1351-RH - I'm assuming that this was the right-hand ball-turret link ejector chute ... I'm also assuming that it probably originated from a 493rd BG aircraft ....
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Link ejector chute from B-17 base   Link ejector chute from B-17 base  

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    It would seem that some of the Emerson-made chutes marked New Type had printed part numbers rather than stamped ones.

    Your new one is also by Emerson, I'd guess the part number stamped below the slot is similar to the one in the photo below:

    Mine is a LH type, ET-1059. The RH type has been seen marked ET-1058.
    Other individual part numbers on mine are 1389-LH, 1357-LH and 1348.

    All the best,

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    Thanks Paul, that has to be one of the fastest responses ever! I never realized there was quite so much to link chutes ... I've also got several other 'bits' that are still to be cleaned .... all probably originating from B-17s .... my ambition is to find a piece you (or Bird Dog) can't identify ... however unlikely that might be!


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    Paul, forgot to mention that, yes, you are correct ... the marking below the slot is ET-1058


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    I can confirm that earlier posts are correct, this is an Emerson built Sperry ball turret link chute. I do not know what an "old type" looks like. I have only found "new types" in the pile of stuff I purchased from the primary Emerson Turret Division scrap metal contractor here in St. Louis.

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