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Lucky weekend Airfield Finds.

Article about: The perforated black alluminium cover is a UV cockpit lamp from a US aircraft.

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    Default Lucky weekend Airfield Finds.

    With a spare afternoon on Sat I spent it wandering around a former British Airfield. Like many airfields of the period it had dual ownership, early War was RAF then mid to late war USAAF.
    If you can help with identification of any of any of the items please let me know.

    Whilst there I heard in the distance the unmistakable sound of a throaty deep rotary engine a thought WW2 and it was coming my way. The aircraft circled the airfield once at quite a height (wish I'd been up there for the view) anyway I took a couple of snaps. The last picture is a close up, any idea what it was P51?
    First pic's show finds together, I like the pottery trade mark with the crown and wings, it's a shame the crack ran across it. Would the missing part be RAF? Next I found a couple of pieces of an RAF plate.
    Picture 6 and 7 is made from bakelite and is nicely marked AM (Air Ministry) with ref number, the metal part (I'm holding) is a hollow tube, was this part of a head phone?
    Picture 8 and 9 is also bakelite and again nicely marked AM (Air Ministry) with a ref number, it is for a 5 pinned plug?
    Picture 10,11,12 are of what I think is some sort of meter surround perhaps for a radio or aircraft dashboard? Its marked JACK & HEIN - INC BEDFORD - OHIO - U.S.A.. There is a metal tab that says CAGED and on the rear JH 5511. I love the winged trade mark any idea's?
    Thanks for any help.
    A few more finds will follow
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 18.jpg   17.jpg  

    1.jpg   2.jpg  

    3.jpg   4.jpg  

    5.jpg   6.jpg  

    7.jpg   8.jpg  

    9.jpg   10.jpg  

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    Default Re: Lucky weekend Airfield Finds.

    A few more,

    Next pic shows an aluminium sheet rolled into a tube with holes, perhaps for ventilation. Its marked SYLVANIA ELECTRIC PRODUCT TRADE MARK USA PAT PENDING. I guess the same company still going today making light fittings, fluorescent tubes, etc.
    The next 3 pictures show part of a radio fitting? it has a ref number on the side I can make out K36064?
    My final find is an alloy disc still with most of its original paint, pale grey colour. Being just 6 inches across but with 6 substantial bolt holes it was obviously designed to take a lot of pressure, perhaps it was aircraft skin. From what I can make out the inner surface is marked B-12874-249. Any idea's could it be the top part of a fuel cap? could the B in the ref stand for Boeing?
    Thanks again.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 11.jpg   12.jpg  

    13.jpg   14.jpg  

    15.jpg   16.jpg  

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    Default Re: Lucky weekend Airfield Finds.

    The black metal item is the front of a JACK& HEINTZ ,Directional
    Indicator,the model number could be J H 5500 A C -A5, and the RAF
    id is 106a/690.Or if the number is correct, a later model!
    It was used on just about every type of U.S aircraft.
    The other gear marked A.M appear to be communication items.
    Regards Mike

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    Default Re: Lucky weekend Airfield Finds.

    The earpiece 6F/154 is a Gosport Tube earpiece, for instructors to shout at trainee pilots.
    The electrical connector has had the 14A/ reference barred out (Camera Equipment) and the new code begins with 5X/ which is for "Component Parts of Wiring Assemblies".

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    Default Re: Lucky weekend Airfield Finds.

    Awesome finds!
    Love the R.A.F plates

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    Default Re: Lucky weekend Airfield Finds.

    Thanks for the quick response and help with the ID's, 'A Direction finder'!!!, Thats nice Im very pleased with that.
    The ref number is as I stated here's a larger view of the back, so as you say it must be a later version.
    Cheers for your help.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Boot 035.jpg  

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    Default Re: Lucky weekend Airfield Finds.

    Nice finds again mate, glad someone could help with id , i think the aircraft is a Yak of some type

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    Default Re: Lucky weekend Airfield Finds.

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks a lot, I'm chuffed with that.
    The thought of an Instructor, shouting down that ear tube at his inexperienced rookie Pilot, 'Listen this time and you'll get it right!', as he goes round yet again on another touch down circuit.
    For me thats a little piece of history brought to life.
    It's also interesting that you identified the electrical component with two numbers. The first crossed out and superseded by a new reference and use. It's unusual, more likely crossed out and re referenced during manufacture maybe due to a change of contract or over production of the camera component use.
    Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Lucky weekend Airfield Finds.

    Very nice finds LS. The range finder is a beauty as well as the ear piece.

    The aircraft isn't a P-51. It looks like it almost has 'gull' wings. Can't ID it though. Probably modern.


    Steve T

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    Default Re: Lucky weekend Airfield Finds.

    I like the bits of plate they are nice. is detecting or just digging around?

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