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In Memory of the Crew of Tornado ZD809 Crashed 14th October 1999.

Article about: I know this is modern non World War related aviation archaelogy post but i helped research this incident with some aircrash researchers from Newcastle back in early 2000 and corresponded reg

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    Thats okay and quite understand. There have been many spurious messages over the years some of which i discovered to be totally fake and deleted them. The original memorial website was put up by Glyn Towers with help from Jim Corbett. Sadly the website went down years ago but i made the effort to save everything that Glyn posted on the original site just in case anything happened. So with all of the saved data plus my own stuff i started this memorial page up to continue to remember the two airmen. I was in contact with Julie Casabayo some years ago and last i heard she had moved to Cornwall. it would be really nice to have some more photos of Richard on this site. The Tornado although a good aeroplane should have been fitted with Ground Proximity Radar which would have helped Richard to ascertain the situation he found himself in on that sad day. Also the ineffectual rudder during the few seconds of critical control loss did not help matters as he would have been unable to recover the aircraft without the use of his rudder. Would it be easier to chat in more detail if i gave you my email address? Let me know and thanks for posting as its greatly appreciated. Regards Tim.

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    Hi the Ground Proximity Radar is now fitted as standard to the Tornado, my brother's death is the reason for this. It didn't help save him without it, but at least it ensures this kind of incident won't happen again. Although there were lots of reasons the accident happened, the fact that the Ground Proximity Radar could've saved them, doesn't stop the facts that still haunt me today.
    I have emailed you Tim but I'm happy to discuss on here.

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