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Merville Battery

Article about: Hi, I came across these photo,s i took in 07, at Merville battery normandy, some of you have been there but for the ones who hav,nt they might be of interest. they were found on the plinth o

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    Default Merville Battery

    I came across these photo,s i took in 07, at Merville battery normandy, some of you have been there but for the ones who hav,nt they might be of interest. they were found on the plinth of a fieldgun when the gun was removed, and are still in very good condition. hope you enjoy.

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    I remenber seing this years ago,there is still a couple bunker with painting on the walls.

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    Yes, I remember that. Seeing the battery in whole was one of the favorite parts of my first tour of Europe. Thanks for sharing that.

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    Ive been there within the last month and im not sure but i think they have removed this plinth , someone said that it might have been damaged by some local yobs, my pal who goes there every year to lay a wreath said nothing of this plinth at the time but mentioned it back home, one of his work colleagues told about its removal, but were not too sure how accurate that info is

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    Hi Dave, if you have removed this it is a damn shame but if it's for the security of the items i agree with it. But why can't anyone leave things alone, it's been there for all those years and now in danger. I said at the time of seeing this that it should have some type of glass cover on it as the eliments will take there toll on it.
    Lets hope it's inside now for all to see.
    Thanks dave.

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    My dad took part in the attack on the battery on D-day, i was there this year after jumping at Dz k at Sannerville and i never saw this, must be inside somewhere

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    hellojumper, very interesting about your dad, ask him if he remembers SGT Sid Towler and Cpl Sid Capon who were on the raid , my pal knew them both before they died and went with them to Merville for the 40th anniversary and also to the reunion dinner at 10 para, White City, both of them are mentioned on the placard of who took part in the raid in one of the casements, sid capon was the guy who threw the grenade into the gun position before storming in.

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    Hi dave, yeah i remember when my dad used to go for the white city reunions for 9 para, he was a member of 12plt C-coy under Alan Jefferson (twinkle toes), actually saw him hit following Sid Capon to casemate 1. Ive just got my dad back into the 9 para reunion club after a break of nearly 30yrs and will be at the dinner with him next March and Merville next June. My dads name is George (jock) Moodie.

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    That info will really interest my pal, hes ex 3 para and visits the battery every year to lay a wreath in memory of his two mates, he took me this year and i found it fascinating how they managed to raid it with only 60 odd men. Once when my mate was standing in the casement there was an old boy beside him and he asked him if he knew about the raid, it turned out to be Ottway who then gave him a first hand account of the entire mission from the planning stage to the raid itself, he was there listening for about hour and half, what a thrill it was for him, he met the two sids on another visit but didnt realise that capon lived less than two hundred yards from him so he became a regular round his house, theres another forum member on here who is related to him , you might be able to trace the thread and read what we spoke of then, regards dave

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    Thats a great honor for your mate, i was lucky growing up to meet alot of these heroes because of my dad. The attack itself was started with 150 men, by the end only 65 were left standing, my dad was lucky to come through it without a scratch. What most people dont realise is that after silencing the battery, the survivors went on to there secondary objective and completed that too. There were men arriving all the time from the scattered drop and they eventually ended up with around 250 men. They finally left Normandy at the end of August and sadly there are still 192 men of the battalion still missing overthere. Doug

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