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Messerschmitt Bf 109 Tyre

Article about: Hi all, I just thought I'd share with you, the latest addition to my collection. It's part of the main wheel tyre from an ME109, which was shot down over Abbeville, France in 1944. It was du

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    Default Messerschmitt Bf 109 Tyre

    Hi all,

    I just thought I'd share with you, the latest addition to my collection. It's part of the main wheel tyre from an ME109, which was shot down over Abbeville, France in 1944.

    It was dug up a couple of years back.

    There's a few markings on the tyre wall, although I havn't a clue what they mean.

    Capital A in a circle
    Capital K in a circle
    Code F0863532
    00 x 420
    And the letters P and H on the otherside of the tyre wall.

    I'm due to get the full history tomorrow, so I'll update once i get the information.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Messerschmitt Bf 109 Tyre   Messerschmitt Bf 109 Tyre  

    Messerschmitt Bf 109 Tyre   Messerschmitt Bf 109 Tyre  

    Messerschmitt Bf 109 Tyre   Messerschmitt Bf 109 Tyre  

    Messerschmitt Bf 109 Tyre  

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    Default Re: Messerschmitt Bf 109 Tyre

    I love this sort of stuff......especially when there's a story behind it !!!

    Post the story when you get it

    Steve T

    PS Did you get my e-mail about Saturday ? Let me know !

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    Default Re: Messerschmitt Bf 109 Tyre

    Here's the details of the tyre i have. Sorry its late, but with the events of the past few months, I've had very little time to post!

    Mission: Reconnaissance flight to the Seine-Bay, France

    Date: 24th June 1944

    Unit: 4th Staffel/Fernaufklaerungsgruppe 123

    Type: Messerschmitt Bf 109G-5

    Werke/Nr. 27107 (Lw loss report gives Wnr. 27106)

    Code: Blue 1 +

    Location: Ecretteville-les-Baons, France.

    Pilot: Unteroffizier Herbert Blochberger 58225/66 Missing (Born 07.05.1915 in Radefeld. Recovered on 23.11.1996.)


    Failed to return from reconnaissance mission, presumed shot down by allied fighters, possibly a P-38 Lightning. Witness states that the air combat took place at a very high altitude and that one aircraft had twin tails. Uffz Blochberger, holder of the Deutsche Kreuz in Gold was flying as wing-man for Oblt Werner Kohla 24th June 1944.

    The Final Flight

    From the Luftwaffe Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron,
    (4th Staffel/Fernaufklaerungsgruppe 123) two pilotís Oberleutnant Wener Kohla and Unteroffizier. Herbert Blochberger, (a veteran of over 170 missions) are both briefed by their Staffelkapitun, Hauptmann Heinz Feilmayer at St.Andre airfield. The mission for today was reconnaissance of the Seine Bay area, especially noting the positions of allied troop movements and equipment such as tanks etc. Both pilots knew that this would be a difficult mission, due to the fact of overwhelming allied air superiority in the region.

    Oblt Kohla and Uffz Blochberger clambered into the cockpits of their fast Messerschmitt Bf 109 reconnaissance aircraft, and with the help of the ground crew, strapped themselves in and waited for permission to start! Suddenly, the air was filled with the roar of two powerful Daimler-Benz 605 engines. The order was given and the two machines accelerated, within seconds, they were airborne. The "Men in Black" Ground crew) quietly gazed into the blue sky, wondering if their comrades would return!
    On reaching a height of 8,000 metres they were flying over the Seine Maritime (Le Havre) area. Suddenly, without warning Oblt Kohla was contacted by radio from his wingman Uffz Blochberger, who only had enough time to say, that they were being attacked by enemy fighters from the port side. Immediately both pilots separated, with Uffz Blochberger, being pursued in a steep dive by the attacking fighters. During this mayhem, Oblt Kohla lost sight of the enemy and his Rottenflieger (wingman)
    so he decided to fly back to base at very low level, the mission aborted! He hoped that his young friend and comrade had managed to shake off the enemy aircraft, perhaps he has already landed? After successfully landing back at St.Andre Oblt Kohla waited for news of Uffz Blochberger, other aircraft were sent out to search, but sadly this was fruitless no further news came. Uffz Blochberger must have been killed in the initial attack of the fighters.

    Letter written by Hptm Heinz Feilmayer Staffelkapit‰n 4/(F)123 to the bereaved mother of Herbert Blochberger, Hedwig, dated 26.06.1944.

    Dear Mrs Blochberger, Again there is yet another sacrifice. And I have the responsibility to give you the sad news that your son Herbert on the 24.06.44 failed to return from his mission. I know that this news must be very hard for you. I offer my condolences on behalf of myself, and the whole of the Staffel in your tragic loss. Since your son has been with the Staffel, with his youthful ways he proved himself as a talented pilot. It was not long before he reached a very good position in the Staffel. He was well respected by all of his comrades, and sadly now he has to given his country the greatest sacrifice. About the incident, I can tell you the following; your son, together with Oblt Kohla were flying a reconnaissance mission in the invasion area. At a great height they were intercepted by four enemy fighters which attacked them. Herbert dived straight away to try and shake off his attackers but they followed him down. Oblt Kohla then pursued the enemy fighters in the attempt to help his comrade. Eventually after a very steep dive his cockpit cabin iced-up, at this point he lost sight of your son and the enemy. After the attack we had no further radio contact with Herbert. At this time we have no further news. When Oblt Kohla landed. I immediately notified all the relevant authorities and asked that they should start investigations, until now we have had no
    positive results. It is painful that you are completely in the dark regarding the fate of your son. I am sorry that I cannot offer you any more possibilities to bring to light the facts of this tragedy. I can only presume that your son did not recover from his steep dive and hit the ground. Or he could have been shot down by the enemy fighters. In both instances, you can be sure that his death was quick and painless. If I get any further new information on the tragedy of your son, I will of course pass it on to you straight away.


    Heinz Feilmayer

    Letter from Oblt Werner Kohla to Frau Blochberger 11th August 1944

    Dear Mrs Blochberger, Thank you very much for your letter that I received today. Of course I will answer you straight away. I wanted your son as my comrade because I did like him personally very much. We have flown a few heavy missions together during the first few days of the invasion, but we did know each other before this time. On our last day together we were flying at a height of 8,000m, as we approached the area of Le Havre, we were suddenly attacked by four enemy fighters. Your son immediately contacted me on the radio 'Achtung! Enemy fighters from the left', at the same moment he turned his aircraft on its side and went into a steep dive almost vertically, to escape the attacking fighters. I saw the enemy fighters and dived after them, I followed the enemy machines to try and help my comrade, unfortunately flying so fast and steep my cabin began to ice-up. I had great difficulty in pulling out of my dive, it was not until I reached a height of 2,000m did I manage to pull out. I lost sight of the enemy and your son. I then flew back to our airfield (St. Andre) in the hope that my comrade had already landed before me, sadly this was not the case. I can only presume that he did not survive the enemy attack or he could not recover his aircraft from his dive and suffered a flierís death! Your son, as far as I can see, has crashed approximately 20 km N.E of Le Havre. His aircraft should be found by German soldiers in the area, maybe he has been buried as an unknown soldier! All enquires made on behalf of the Staffel are without any result, I donít think that your son could be a P.O.W. in England because we were flying over our own lines. As soon as I receive any information about your missing son I will pass it on to you straight away. Please allow me a few words of comfort. Dear Mrs Blochberger, only time can heal your pain and sadness, maybe a relief for you is to know that he after endless missions against the enemy gave his young life for us all and Germany.

    Dear regards,

    Werner Kohla

    All these details have been copied and pasted from this website..... Blochberger It also has pictures of Blochberger and his 109

    I've now decided to sell this tyre to add funds to my new avenue in collecting.... de-activated WW2 guns! Here is the listing WW2 Relic German Luftwaffe ME109 Tyre! Uffz Blochberger on eBay (end time 22-Nov-09 20:07:59 GMT)

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    Default Re: Messerschmitt Bf 109 Tyre

    That is a truly remarkable story.

    Many thanks for sharing it.....really puts things into perspective

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Messerschmitt Bf 109 Tyre


    Its crazy, I have bits from that plane!!!

    Herbert and his plane Blue +1



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