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metal detecting in France

Article about: One man was arrested in februar 2014 by the police, in his car, many old coins, in his house, the same. First judgment : He must pay to the custom 200.000, of course, all he had is now gras

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    I almost bit on this one. grrrrr

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    Interesting about France there are a few laws against it here in the states like National Parks and Gov't owned CIvil war fields I had a friend that did a lot of it on private property and had some amazing finds some small towns have ordiances against it in parks etc the one I live in don't Most of the detectors I know put the ground back the way they found it. I have never done it or own one but don't mind people that do I gave a guy permission to on my property several years ago as there was a Civil War battle small one close to where I live. He did find some civilian coat buttons from the 1850' or so. timothy

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    Quote by model40 View Post
    whats wrong with a little metal detecting if you dont touch graves and leave the ground the same as you found it ! if you look after your find , you are saving it from turning in to rust !! i love detecting and its a great shame we are treated as looters , it's a great hobby and real fun looking for history in the ground !!
    The problem you have is the law in your country as with any laws if you don't follow them it leaves you outside of it and liable to arrest and prosecution !!

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