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More Airfield bits

Article about: Sounds worth a go Nick, it wasn't just WWIG who missed bits, the Mohawk dug back in the Eighties left 5 Brownings along with a lot of very interesting cockpit stuff. The gauge is one of the

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    Another happy few hours spent in between the Welsh rain. Gareth came along as well and with typical spawnyness found a shallow pit full of electrical items. Many many bakelite connector blocks, a set of bomber mageto switches, suction gauge, Mosquito fuel gauge, early war brass oxygen gauge, fuse boxes and electrical plugs. Have spent a while perusing pics of Mosquitos and found an image of the fire extinguisher here:
    John Smith Mossie3 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Some of thse electrical plugs in the top photo might look familiar, as well as some items in this bomb bay photo (Luckystrike).

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    Looks like you've had another great day out, the electrical fittings are nice and always clean up well plus they're usually nicely marked. I like the fire extinguisher pic its definately the same as your recent find. Thanks for my ID, thats them its a lovely picture shows them very well.

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    Nice finds Ian_ !

    Look forward to seeing them cleaned up

    Steve T

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    Nice mag switch 5c/1540,and the shattered gauge is a suction
    gauge6a/757 ?,found in Lancasters,Sunderlands etc.
    Regards Mike

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    Thanks for the feeback, the suction and fuel gauges are living in the garden at the mo, luminous paint. Here are couple more dirty pictures, clean to follow! The round piece is a compass adjuster, mounted underneath to compensate for magnetism. Lots of nice AM markings on most bits. Sink now in need of CILIT BANG.

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    Nice to see you had another bash mate, thats amazing the amount of A.M stamped items you have found. i always enjoy seeing the in ground and as found shots, looking forward to the cleaned results]


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    Looks like your really getting into this dump digging Ian & Gareth too I see. We had our first foray of the year this weekend - with driving rain and in a very muddy field - made detecting near imposible as the holes filled instantly with yellow/brown water so you couldnt see a thing. Tipped the bucket into the utility room sink when I got home and spotted the item below Shows the importance of not chucking anything until you have cleaned the mud off & checked

    More Airfield bits

    Just in case you haven't worked it out - there is a recumbent lion on the top right corner (& the left one too when it's straightened)

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    A nice early Merlin Nick, but from what, Spit, Hurricane, Battle? Glad there is still stuff to find!

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    nice find nick, lucky bugger all i kept finding was someone elses junk!!

    No doupt i will have to get my shovel out its been a while since i found a merlin plate, sadly though its not a good sign when you find them near the surface. bring on the summer i have our first me109 to dig

    happy hunting

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    Not quite airfield finds but more like one i dug up earlier , its been too wet to get the metal detector out so i decided to finish off Joseph jekas control column that I dug up a number of years ago, shot down 5th Nov 1940 by helmet wick.

    looking good now though
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture More Airfield bits  

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