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More Airfield bits

Article about: Sounds worth a go Nick, it wasn't just WWIG who missed bits, the Mohawk dug back in the Eighties left 5 Brownings along with a lot of very interesting cockpit stuff. The gauge is one of the

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    Default More Airfield bits

    Spurred on by everyone else's efforts I made a brief trip out to my local site. The aerial photo shows Whitleys being scrapped just after the end of the war. There were also some Mosquito bits. The extinguisher was buried with aircraft fragments so I assume is out of a Whitley.

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    That fire extinguisher looks in superb condition !

    Nice finds

    Steve T

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    Hi Ian.
    You've done well there, I love the extinguisher, I cant wait to see your finds cleaned up please post pics soon.
    The sites looking good I remember you mentioning this place before, there must be loads left to rescue from the rusty grave, hope you'll be going back soon.
    Thanks for posting.

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    Here are some cleaned bits. The stailess steel olives are beautifully made and might turn into skinflint jewellry.

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    Hi Ian,
    There are some very nice pieces there, sorry to say this but could we have some close up pictures of some of the finds particularly the label on the fire extinguisher and the name plates bottom left of the first picture.
    Do you have any idea what the brass circular item with the teeth (like castle battlements) is? I found one exactly the same and its sat in my unidentified box for some time.
    Thanks for posting.

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    Hello Luckystrike, yes, I'll take some detail shots in the light. In the first pic the two big labels are modification plates from a Mosquito (98 part numbers and found near another Mossie piece). They 'could' be from the Mosquito pictured, taken waiting for the chop/torch on the base in 1947. In the second the black cylinders are pressure sensors or water traps as one is labelled 'to boost gauge'. I'm not sure about the big brass crown screw either. Could be spercharger/exhaust pipe fitting? the rectangle with hole is a camera gun footage indicator mount, a long description for a simple counter! No idea what the last two are. Help!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture More Airfield bits   More Airfield bits  

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    Thanks for sharing the finds Ian, look forward to any future hunts

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    Ian - Bottom photo looks like Graviner fire extinguisher system sensors / switches - think they were mounted on the engine firewall - I have one from a Defiant - Somewhere!

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    Thanks so much for posting the close ups of your finds they're even better at that range. I like the original Mossie pics too, amazing to think some of your recent finds could have come from them.
    Hope you'll be returning soon.
    All the best

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    Thanks Nick, never seen the like before! Will be back there soon, when you put the detector down to dig something up it beeps with the next find.

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