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The motherload of Anti-Gas Onitment

Article about: Superb finds WH. I prefer to use the Hammerite rust removing stuff, but only because it is less toxic than Oxalic acid. Steve T

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    Who used these types of grenade it looks different from the normal ones

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    Here you go WH, some information on the '69'.


    The British No 69 was an offensive (as opposed to defensive) grenade developed and used during World War II. It was adopted into service due to the need for a grenade with smaller destructive radius than the No 36M "Mills bomb". This allowed the thrower to use a grenade even when there was little in the way of defensive cover. In contrast, the much greater destructive radius of the Mills bomb than its throwing range forced users to choose their throwing point carefully, in order to ensure that they would not be wounded by their own grenade.

    The shell of the No 69 grenade was composed entirely of the hard plastic, Bakelite which shattered without producing fragments like a metal bodied grenade. Metal fragmenting sleeves were available to increase the grenade's lethality.
    Using the No 69 bomb was very simple: the screw-off cap was removed and discarded, and the grenade was then thrown. When the grenade was thrown, a linen tape with a curved lead weight on the end automatically unwrapped in flight, freeing a ball-bearing inside the fuze. In this manner the all-ways fuze was armed in flight and the grenade exploded on impact; and like the Gammon grenade, which used the same fuze design, it was withdrawn from service soon after the Second World War ended.



    Steve T

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    découverte très sympatique,félicitation

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    Quote by prospecteur59 View Post

    découverte très sympatique,félicitation
    Je vous remercie de vous intéresser

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    Been testing me 99p shop rust remover.

    Its working a treat and soon my items will be ready for display


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture IMG_0968.jpg   IMG_0970.jpg  


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    Very nice John ! Those are coming up a treat !

    Just going to start on mine......I'll post pics when I've done.


    Steve T

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    Nice job John, Ive got mine soaking. Im hoping I get something readable like yours. The first I tried got rid of the thick rust but it seemed to just show the paint colour, the lettering had gone. but even so much better than before. Look forward to seeing your finished product.

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    Hi all, the round pot with holes in is a pot for detonators used n a multitude of british grenades utilizing the No 247 Fuse assembly, the black bakelite cap is a cap for a 247 fuse, its the fuse with the cotton tape that flies off to arm it, used soley for detonation on impact, if you find the lids and det pots I have no doubt you will come across more, the 247 fitted the extremely nasty White Phosphur Smoke grenade, this and the other grenades the 247 fitted to was all made obsolete and destroyed in 1946 as there shelf life was deemed inadeqaute, the black det pot is missing its bakelite lid which is a screw on and has a nipple on top, this is only one half of the full det pot they was held together with 2 rivets and designed to be twisted in half for deployment, there was 32 in a case, and 16 fuses in each half, the det pot is therfore much rarer than the grenades, have a bloody good look for the lid, it will be there somewhere mate, oh and do be carefull that the det pot is empty , if they have any aluminium or copper tubes in them you could loose your hands if you mess with, the explosive swells and they get stuck in so be carfull & good luck mates.
    The WP grens are in a green canister, and will blow your head off if you stick a fork in them or even if you look at them funny.

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    Thanks Bentley i will look for the missing peice next time i dig it .



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    I think my Hammerite rRust Remover is a little bit TOO effective. Despite coming from the same 'batch' as Whitehunters, one of mine totally fell apart, another came up a treat but with no paint, and the third came up with half the paint gone.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	anti gas.jpg 
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    Where did you get your stuff WH and what's it called ?


    Steve T

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