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Mouse's next site (and Jays)

Article about: ****ing hell ! This site is turning out to be amazing ,

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    Quote by dangermouse View Post
    Sorry Bob, but as you have no idea what your talking about only having seen about two out of all messages, you have nothing to actualy have an oppinion worthy of writing. So please also keep you silly insults of BIG BOY PANTS to your self.
    As a moderator, I certainly have the right to tell any member that his behavior on this Forum is childish. Being a member here is not a right. You are allowed to remain here only if you demonstrate proper respect for the Forum and the moderators. Calling a moderator a bully, which he was not, is a quick way to the exit with no return. Either grow up or be gone.


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    Looking forward to seeing some of the buttons cleaned up and identified....the canteen too for that matter.

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    I doubt that I can answer than in anyway that will result in my comments just being removed. But let me try to put it in a nice way.
    I asked Steve to removed all posted comments that where 'off topic' so we could continue this thread. He removed most and then posted another comment straight away. If that was genuined advice why was it not sent to me in a private PM if it was not to try and belittle me in front of the forumn? You then suddenly appear as well and then make yet another comment 'off topic' with childish insults "Big boypants"... and your not only saying thats nit childish, but that I am.

    Lets wind back a bit to how this all started. I had my items stolen, when I complained about it, all this tyrade of abuse and critisisms started all over again. Things we have previously covered and I have already been berated for. I left Steves group to seperate myself from that all and yet its just followed me here. How does the saying go "if you don't have anything nice to say.....". So, want me gone from the forumn, fine by me I couldn't care less. Just think based on actual facts how this started and then actually think if it makes any sense to what you 'think you know'.

    For those actually interested in what we are finding on this site. Either PM me (before I'm removed) email me or find me on facebook (where every pic I have ever taken off all sites and finds are on there)

    Bye all...

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