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Mouse's next site (and Jays)

Article about: ****ing hell ! This site is turning out to be amazing ,

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    Default Mouse's next site (and Jays)

    Hey Peeps, we thought we would finally get round to going somewhere other that the usual site in Oxford. So today we did our reccy!

    The results where very good. The place was full of still standing buildings finds where not in the 100's but where fairly good for a first trip. The place was split into different areas and we looked over a place called the "instructional area" and the "WAAF Area" These are my finds. Jay as most of you know is rubbish at posting pics, but he found a few bits worthy of mention, a US Great coat button with the eagle, British button cleaning stick and D lock for a kit bag.

    Mouse's next site (and Jays)Mouse's next site (and Jays)Mouse's next site (and Jays)Mouse's next site (and Jays)
    Here's a couple of building of various size!

    all the mortar caps came out one hole... all 36 of them!

    Mouse's next site (and Jays)Mouse's next site (and Jays)
    The odd bits I got..

    Mouse's next site (and Jays)Mouse's next site (and Jays)
    I was very good and cleaned everything as soon as I got home


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    Default Re: Mouse's next site (and Jays)

    severly cool finds for a first trip.Is this place free to just wander around?

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    Default Re: Mouse's next site (and Jays)

    Yup its all open and has some public footpaths running across it, not the I doubt many people would go there, its in the middle of no where and unless you walking your dog I see no reason for anyone to be there. Even then, its not really near any houses and there is probably better place to walk a dog. The last part of the site we went to was next to a road and is used by Airsoft skirmishers and (stupid) Paintballers."note I was an Airsoft Skirmisher for years and never did get along with paintballers, I just don't get it, guns that look like something from a bad sci-fi film and you shot paint at each other? sigh" anyway back on topic... we say them there when we first drove past, but at 3pm we drove about again I saw they where all packing up so went for a quick look round where they were. Apart from some more buildings... the area was almost completely bare... so we know not to bother there agan. In total we looked at three areas, the last being pretty dismal, however the first two we looked at had a few good finds, they were both so big we barely touched them and will take a long time to search them properly. There is also a communal area and two sites called Site1 and Site2, which we have no idea what they would be used for or might contain So, were hoping to get back there very soon.

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    Mouse, looks like you and Jay have stumbled on another little relics gold mine. Some good finds. Happy to assist at some point Billers

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    Default Re: Mouse's next site (and Jays)

    Hey peeps. I just got some photos of Jays stuff via email from him. So now you can see 'his bits' too


    Mouse's next site (and Jays)Jay Yanky button.jpgMouse's next site (and Jays)

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    Default Re: Mouse's next site (and Jays)

    Does anyone know why the fuse transit cover had blue stars on them ? And dan even I can tell that isn't a Yankee button lol

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    Default Re: Mouse's next site (and Jays)

    Sorry Jay no idea...

    However here is the pics from todays finds, I didnt put the finds up from the 2nd trip as I cleaned them and packed them for WaP, but now I have even more to take!!!

    Please can some one ID these bits I have no idea what most of this is... apart from the obvious of course! Yes, its a jam lid, yes its a bullet, yes its a table.... etc etc.

    Mouse's next site (and Jays)8 Solid drill rounds.jpg

    Mouse's next site (and Jays)Mouse's next site (and Jays)
    no ideas!!!

    Mouse's next site (and Jays)
    bullets where all drill (solid and one peice)

    Mouse's next site (and Jays)
    Its a No3 I DUMMY... but what is it? Anti-tank mine fuze was my guess?

    Mouse's next site (and Jays)
    Its DRILL, but wtf is it?

    Mouse's next site (and Jays)
    No ideas

    and the pics of the pretty drill rounds wont upload without failing...? so round hairy body parts too it


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    Default Re: Mouse's next site (and Jays)

    AARRRRrrggggghhhhh, damn photo's. it just like to mix up my captions and put them with any photos it likes. Also there should be 9 photos!

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    Default Re: Mouse's next site (and Jays)

    Well this sorts out what the No.3 I DUMMY thing is very happy

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    Default Re: Mouse's next site (and Jays)

    LOL, one of those fuzes is German?


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