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Mud men

Article about: I daresay he is a nice guy off screen Paul, but in every segment of Mud Men, he comes over as a complete twit, who finds it neccessary to shout his way through every programme and it grates

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    I daresay he is a nice guy off screen Paul, but in every segment of Mud Men, he comes over as a complete twit, who finds it neccessary to shout his way through every programme and it grates on your nerves, according to a pal who has worked with him on radio, he's over bearing, loud and pushes peoples tolerances to the limit, this may be because he is hyper most of the time and being scripted is something you either have a flair for or you make a complete muck of it, and it seems its the latter with him, and I agree ADs can be either the make or break of a programme, ive worked with a few, some great ,some complete drongos and actors who work with them usually have an input and can change the way a scene should be portrayed, mainly because its their face on screen, their reputation and their credibility, and i suppose the amount of screen experience that they have all helps to influence the decision of an inexperienced AD, try working on a long running series like Bad Girls with a horde of actresses all with a strong screen presence and an inexperienced AD and see the results, it can be a slaughter lol

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    Ok, just watched the first episode and i have to say, he screams to much and talks to loud and that removes all the credibility to the show.
    He`s a british redneck, however if i was firing a vickers i would be screamingtoo
    Anyway, my opinion.

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    My big beef was the plymouth episode. One location where they managed to find a button, is and should be a gold mine for finds. The building they were near was a hospital during napoleonic wars, and a scrap yard, where the WW2 HMS Starling was scrapped.

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    For a decent prgramme, the uninitiated should try 'Timeteam' BBC-they mostly do a wide range of 'old stuff' but have done some very good WW1/WW2 shows-the invasion 1940 approaches to London and the Channel island AA battery stand out as 2 eps in particular'-Two Men In a Trench' is not bad either IMO.

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    Two men in a trench is good, as Tony pollard is battlefield archaeologist. Timeteam ok, also has piece to camera which is naff. Prefer the archy, but not when they do modern military/war as you can see the flaws with trying to do archaeology on aircraft for instance which doesn't really fit with contexts etc.

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    Sadly most TV programs are made to the lowest possible denominator (with very (VERY) few exceptions).
    As there are more dumb people than intelligent, dumb TV sells.
    Its reality TV and 'carp' like that. Most other programs are made in the same easy-to-digest vein. It sells. Its sad.

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    Quote by rbemer207 View Post
    One thing i hated is that they took off the show combat cash on discovery. I though that was a very cool show and i was looking forward to watch it every week but they took it off the air.
    What was combat cash? Not been on here and i am a master of innocuous tv. Not enough hours in the day for cash cowboys,pickers,gold rush,chasing classic cars, mighty ships, and military on discovery, and storage wars...which is hilarious.

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    Oh, add deals from the dark side....bizarre

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    We don't get it down here but any show geeeing Dave up like that has got to be worth checking out!!!!!!
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Mud Men was a show that I was very excited for upon seeing the trailers, but five minutes into the first episode I lost all hope. 5 minutes of "archaeology" followed by 25 minutes of Vaughan trying to turn history into The Big Breakfast.

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