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My first finds (well, 20 years ago)

Article about: Thank you to all for your interest! Here are a couple of closeups of the pocketwatch. It is marked "Jacco Sevrette", a maker that I can not find any information on. I believe it is

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    Default Re: My first finds (well, 20 years ago)

    Wow really nice finds! Thank-You very much for posting!

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    Default Re: My first finds (well, 20 years ago)

    Quote by BEAST View Post
    Steve, Thanks for the kind words. The tag is a POW tag and is marked STALAG II along with the serial number. It is very hard to read, I had to wipe it with a wet cloth to bring the writing out.
    Yes, sure it's a POW tag, that's I've been asking, what is on the "POW tag" Thanks for wetting it down and looking at it. There should be a letter on it also, like Stalag II A, B, C ?? It might be very faint if you look closely.

    Regards, Steve

    Nazi POW Camps

    Stalag I-A Stablack (Prusse-Orientale)
    Stalag I-B Hohenstein (Prusse-Orientale)
    Stalag II-A Neubrandenburg (Mecklembourg)
    Stalag II-B Hammerstein (Mecklembourg)
    Stalag II-C Greifswald (Mecklembourg)
    Stalag II-D Stargard (Poméranie)
    Stalag II-E Schwerin (Poméranie)
    Oflag II-A Prenzlau (Poméranie)
    Oflag II-B Arnswalde (Poméranie)
    Oflag II-C Woldenberg (Poméranie)
    Oflag II-D Grossborn (Poméranie)
    Oflag II-E Neubrandenburg (Mecklembourg)
    Stalag III-A Luckenwalde (Brandebourg)
    Stalag III-B* Fuerstenberg/Oder (Brandebourg)
    Stalag III-C Alt-Drewitz (Poméranie)
    Stalag III-D Berlin (Lichterfelde)
    Oflag III-A Luckenwalde
    Oflag III-B Wehrmachtlager Tibor/Zuelichau
    Oflag III-C* Lubben/Spree (Brandebourg)
    Stalag IV-A Eisterhorst (Saxe)
    Stalag IV-B Muehlberg/Elbe
    Stalag IV-C Wistritz bei Teplitz (Saxe)
    Stalag IV-D Torgau
    Stalag IV-E Altenburg (Saxe)
    Stalag IV-F Hartmannsdorf
    Stalag IV-G Oschatz (Saxe)
    Oflag IV-A* Hohnstein
    Oflag IV-B* Koenigstein
    Oflag IV-C* Leipzig-Colditz
    Oflag IV-D* Elsterhorst
    Stalag V-A Ludwigsburg
    Stalag V-B Villingen
    Stalag V-C Wildberg (Offenburg)
    Stalag V-D Strasbourg
    Oflag V-A* Weinsberg
    Oflag V-B* Biberach
    Oflag V-C* Wuerzach**
    Stalag VI-A Hemer/Iserlohn (Westphalie)
    Stalag VI-B Neu-Versen
    Stalag VI-C Bathorn/Emsland (frontière NL)
    Stalag VI-D Dortmund
    Stalag VI-F Bocholt
    Stalag VI-G Bonn-Duisdorf
    Stalag VI-H Arnoldsweiler/Dueren
    Stalag VI-J S.A. Lager Fichtenhein/Krefeld
    Oflag VI* Tost/Oppein
    Oflag VI-A* Soest
    Oflag VI-B* Doessel-Warburg
    Oflag VI-C* Eversheide/Osnabruck
    Oflag VI-D* Münster
    Oflag VI-E* Dorsten
    Stalag VII-A Moosburg (Base-Bavière)
    Stalag VII-B Memmingen
    Oflag VII* Laufen**
    Oflag VII-A* Murnau
    Oflag VII-B* Eichstaett
    Oflag VII-C/H* Laufen
    Oflag VII-C/Z * Tittmoning**
    Stalag VIII-A Görlitz
    Stalag VIII-B Lamsdorf (Silésie)
    Stalag VIII-C Sagan (Silésie)
    Oflag VIII-A* Kreuzberg/Oppein** (Silésie)
    Oflag VIII-B* Silberberg (Silésie)
    Oflag VIII-C* Juliusburg (Silésie)
    Oflag VIII-D* Teschen/Gleiwitz (Silésie)
    Oflag VIII-E* Johannisbrunn
    Oflag VIII-F* Mahrisch/Trubau
    Oflag VIII-G* Weidenau/Freiwaldau (Silésie)
    Oflag VIII-H/H* Oberlangendorf/Sternberg (Silésie)
    Oflag VIII-H/Z* Eulenberg/Roemerstadt (Silésie)
    Stalag IX-A*** Ziegenhain (Hesse)
    Stalag IX-B*** Wegscheide/Bad Orb)
    Stalag IX-C*** Bad Sulza
    Oflag IX-A/H* Burg Spangenberg
    Oflag IX-A/Z* Rotenburg/Fulda
    Oflag IX-B* Weilburg/Lahn
    Stalag X-A*** Schleswig
    Stalag X-B*** Sandbostel (ouest de Hambourg)
    Stalag X-C*** Nienburg/Weser
    Oflag X* Hohensalza
    Oflag X-A* Itzehoe
    OflagX-B* Nienburg/Weser
    OflagX-C* Lübeck
    Stalag XI-A*** Altengrabow (near Magdebourg)
    Stalag XI-B*** Falingbostel (near Soltau)
    Oflag XI-A Osterode (Westphalie)
    Stalag XII-A*** Limburg
    Stalag XII-B*** Frankenthal/Palatinat
    Stalag XII-C*** Wiebelsheim/Rhein
    Stalag XII-D*** Trier/Petriberg (Trèves)
    Stalag XII-E*** Metz
    Stalag XII-F*** Forbach
    Oflag XII-A Hadamar/Limburg
    Oflag XII-B Mainz (Mayence, citadelle)
    Stalag XIII-A*** Bad Sulzbach
    Stalag XIII-B*** Weiden/Oberpfalz
    Stalag XIII-C*** Hammelburg/Mainfranken
    Stalag XIII-D*** Nuremberg-Langwasser
    Oflag XIII A Nuremberg
    Stalag XVII-A*** Kaisersteinbruch (Autriche)
    Stalag XVII-B*** Gneixendorf (Krems)
    Oflag XVII-A Doellersheim (Autriche)
    Stalag XVIII-A*** Wolfsberg (Autriche)
    Stalag XVIII-AZ*** Spittal (Autriche)
    Stalag XVIII-B*** Oberdrauburg
    Stalag XVIII-C*** Markt-Pongau (Autriche)
    Stalag XVIII-D*** Marburg (Autriche)
    Oflag XVIII-A Lienz/Drau (Autriche)
    Oflag XVIII-B Wolfsberg/Kaemten (Autriche)
    Oflag XVIII-C Spittal/Drau (Autriche)
    Stalag XX-A*** Thorn
    Stalag XX-B*** Marienburg
    Stalag XXI-A*** Schildberg
    Stalag XXI-B*** Schubin (Pologne)
    Stalag XXI-CH*** Wollstein (Pologne)
    Stalag XXI-CZ*** Gratz (Pologne)
    Stalag XXI-D*** Posen (Pologne)
    Oflag XXI-B Schoken (Pologne)
    Oflag XXI-C Schubin (Pologne)

    *Officer camps
    **Ilags were civilian internment camps.
    ***Camps for enlisted men

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    Default Re: My first finds (well, 20 years ago)

    Kilroy was fast! I was about to ask the same question

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    Default Re: My first finds (well, 20 years ago)

    Steve, Zeller,

    Sorry about that, I thought I posted the letter with it. It is Stalag IIB, ID #22467

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    Default Re: My first finds (well, 20 years ago)

    so it is Stalag II-B Hammerstein (Mecklembourg)

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