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My first thread - Normandy Relics

Article about: Hi all, Somehow I have only just discovered this forum! I am from Stratford UK but I've been living in Normandy for over six years, I go out researching and detecting on the Battlefields eve

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    Default Re: My first thread - Normandy Relics

    Quote by Steve T View Post
    Hi and welcome to the forum

    Some superb finds you have there. When you get back to England we'll have to go somewhere together.....swop notes

    Check out the finds I have made in the uk in this forum. I also have some vids up of me digging up stuff on for vids by ww2relichunter.

    Steve T

    PS A few of the forum members have been digging a US army medical dump near Evesham. Get back over to England and come with us !

    Hi Steve,

    I'm hoping to meet up with like minded people when I return so I'll take you up on that! I do a lot of detecting over here on my own, I have one or two mates who come across from the UK every now and then for a dig and I got digging with a friend over here about once or twice a month, then a French mate, digging with him can be an experience!

    I'll be moving back to the Stratford area so Evesham isn't far for me, I hadn't a clue there were US troops based in that area though.

    I have been making research on RAF Airfields in the area, and one or two other "possibles", after seeing some of the photos on here it seems there's some great items to be found in the UK still.

    Stay in touch,


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    Default Re: My first thread - Normandy Relics

    Amazing finds, where did you find the Fallschirmjäger helmet?
    Best Regards

    Vegard T.
    Looking for militaria from 38. Batterie, Heeres Küsten Artillerie Regiment 977, also from 31, 32 and 36. Batterie.

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    Default Re: My first thread - Normandy Relics

    great pics

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    Default Re: My first thread - Normandy Relics

    Pte John H Moyer Anti Tank Section, HQ 325th Glider Infantry, 82nd Airborne, wounded in action during a German counter attack on June 9th 1944...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Pvt John H. Moyer - Hq. Co. 325th Infantry.jpg   John H.Moyer HQ 325TH GIR.JPG  

    dug up items Orchard 2.JPG   Dug up items, Orchard.JPG  

    John H. Moyer Awards.jpg   Trench & contents.JPG  

    M1 Helmet dug.JPG   m1 helmet.JPG  

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    Default Re: My first thread - Normandy Relics

    Full set of T5 Parachute harness buckles, parachute material and M3 Knife from Ste Mere Eglise DZ in 2008.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Full set of T5 Buckles, M3 Knife, Reserve pull-handle, original parachute silk DROP ZONE  O  Ste.jpg   T5 Buckles, good condition with orig paint remaining, used original Rigger Thread for attaching .jpg  

    82nd Airborne 505 PIR - M3 Combat Knife DZ O   2008.jpg  

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    Default Re: My first thread - Normandy Relics

    Fantastic finds Steve. For the fact that those buckles came from that particular DZ would have made their identification alot easier i suppose. If they'd turned up anywhere else in the world they may easily have been mis-identified as just webbing items. Great work there!

    Were all the buckles found in the same location or did you have to complete the set from more than one 'chute?

    Keep posting, you're doing some great work there!


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    Default Re: My first thread - Normandy Relics

    Hi Martyn,

    Yes they all came from the same harness as far as I can tell, usually when you find a harness it is just a yellowy/green ball of thread with buckles wrapped up in it, the harness' were cut off generally as it was quicker than unbuckling them. the M3 or M2 knife was usually used, guys were in a rush to shed the harness/chute and any other heavy kit, especially those who landed in the marsh areas near La Fiere. The knife and buckles were found in the same area about 4" below the surface in a square metre or so of ground, about 50 metres from the railway line between DZ 'O' and DZ 'T'. Definitely 82nd Airborne, more than likely 505th PIR.

    All the best,


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    Default Re: My first thread - Normandy Relics

    Now then Steve, I'm getting my brother to get a photo of a memorial I stumbled across at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham. I can't remember if it was for the 505th or the 504th(???) that had been camped there just prior to their departure for the landings. Strange how these things turn about. If it is 505th, I'll post it and that will just add to the history for you.

    By the way, on the other side of the grounds at Wollaton is another memorial for a POW camp that was there!


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    Default Re: My first thread - Normandy Relics

    Stop this English digger in my beloved fields of Normandie!!!!
    What will you leave to the poor frogs digger????
    Seriously,a wonderful job you did...
    Where are you settled in Normandie?I'm from Rouen.

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    Default Re: My first thread - Normandy Relics

    Ah merde!! Salut! J'habite dans une petite hameau abord de la mer, proche de la musee d'utah. Vous cherchez avec un detector aussi?



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