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My 'little' site in Oxford

Article about: Cant wait to see.....

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    Oh I also forgot to take a pic of the Silver pocket watch I found. It must be a ladies one, as its small. Decorated with swirls and a big heart. It has clear hall marks and I did date it, but forgot now. Its about 1920's I think, might be 1930's but can't check now as its not here. So can't take photo' or check now! Will do that next weekend, once I pick it up.

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    I too would be careful with that Grenade fuse, to me it looks intact, and i dont think any soaking in water will alter that fact except to clean it I think this is an M10A2 FUSE and seeing it was found on a grenade range its very likely that its live although its only one part of the striker mechanism it still could contain the initial primer charge, similar to a blasting cap, enough to do some damage to your hand
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    Well done gang. That george the 2nd is a cracker! well done finding all those silver coins and 2 capbadges in one day. I'm looking forward to seeing the pocket watch, If you have any trouble with hallmarks post a picture on the forum i have a hallmark book



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    Seems as though the rumours are ture that DM murdered Jayh for the cap badges and coins. After all, Jayh still hasn't posted any pics and hasn't posted anything since the day of the dig...............highly suspicious.

    Steve T

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    He was easy to bury... I just put him in the trench he dug out for me on his first trip up there.

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    Wow, what a fab day... too hot though for all the digging. But, lots of lovely and scary finds but all safe in the end. What I thought was a really battered old 5p turned out to be a James I 1604 coin, was really covered in crap. Also a 2p sized coin is also not a 2p, its in to soak now as I have no idea what it really is.

    Enjoy the pics.

    Now hurry up Jay, Still not even got your pics on here from last time! and he's not dead... he was with me on Sunday
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 70 10-04-11.JPG   68 10-04-11.jpg  

    65 10-04-11.jpg   69 10-04-11.jpg  

    62 10-04-11.jpg   71 10-04-11.jpg  

    63 10-04-11.jpg   67 10-04-11.jpg  

    72 10-04-11.jpg   64 10-04-11.jpg  

    73 10-04-11.jpg   66 10-04-11.jpg  

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    What a couple of SUPERB grenade finds ! I am totally jealous. What era was the Zippo from ?

    By the way, we'll only believe Jay isn't buried in the trench he dug on your first visit WHEN he reappears in this forum.

    Steve T

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    I am well and truly alive! just having technical issues with the pc! and very little time due to being very busy at work!
    had a great day yesterday (again) The highlight for me was the finding of my first mortar fins and beating dan 10-3 in the grenade base nut hunt lol however his mills grenade finds beat that easily!

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    Steve - its a modern one found just on the way into the site along with a load of loose change.

    Jay - Except of course, I had 5 (not 3) and yeah... Mills bodys for the win!

    And why where the fins there! No where near where I expected them to be.

    Once I finish cleaning I will post pics of the odd bits not photo'ed


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    Hi guys,

    What a FANTASTIC day!!!

    I love the James 1st sixpence James coins don't turn up that often. What date is the halfcrown it looks a cracker. Thats also a nice capbadge never seen that type before and finaly i also think the grenade a great find. I look forward to your next hunt.

    Oh i'm still waiting to see pictures of the silver pocket watch


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