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My 'little' site in Oxford

Article about: Cant wait to see.....

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    I see a dump has been discovered !!!! This could be a find and a half DM. Let us know how it progresses. We could get the RRPG members to help out if required

    Steve T

    PS Excited !

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    Nice finds there DM, and that pink hair band , i bet now your going to say its the wifes, but we know better

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    LOL, no Pigtails. Yeah next Sunday is on. I did think about that.

    Actually no, the hair band is not my wife's.... its my daughter well it WAS her's now its mine

    I'm sure that there is potentially more in that area. My M/D went a bit crazy all around that spot, I did dig two test holes but found nothing, but the stuff was deep that we found. After talking with John on F/B he asked if we found the bottom. I said well I'm don't really know, stuff stopped coming up, but we just stopped and filled it back in. I just have a niggling feeling that is much more.

    All RRPG members are of course welcome to come next Sunday and also any other time I'm heading up there. Any yeah Steve, I always need help!


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    Just a confirmation picture that the "thing" identified by Torch is indeed a gas check plate for firing the no36 from a rifle fitted with a cup discharger.
    You can see the threaded part in your photo and remains of the now corroded away base plug.The one in my pic still had the base plug in situ
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My 'little' site in Oxford  

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    Well done Mouse,an exciting find indeed lets hope you can get to the bottom of it

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    Woah! Fantastic finds/bottle dump! I found a couple of dumps in my metal detecting phase, but nothing so impressive as yours and as for coins, I'm very impressed by the James I, remembering my feeble coin finds... I collected coins until very recently, when I sold them all to fund my militaria interest, so I'm still fond of them. Please keep posting pictures!

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    Money back on the empties?

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    Great find DM, the bottles are pre war I'd say 1920's possibly early 30's but a superb find. Its always a good day to get a complete Ginger Beer so to get 3 is excellent also love the half crown well done mate.
    Ps was it the dump we stopped at when we came over a while ago or did you find another one.
    All the best

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    This dump if that's what you would call it. Was no where near the camp, in fact pretty much near nothing, only thing relativity close by would be an old farm house. This is very close to the cap park end. Well we actually pulled out 6 complete ones from the hole, Jay took 3 home with a cough mixture bottle and 3 jam jars (no markings on them ). Those didn't interest me too much.

    Roll on Sunday, Can you make that day LS?

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    Great thread guys

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