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My 'little' site in Oxford

Article about: Cant wait to see.....

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    Hi DM,
    I think it's quite unusual to see the GB's titled with Trustees for running the Brewery rather than just a family name. Sadly they appear to be fairly common and not having a pictorial label keeps their monetary value down but historically they a lovely local item to have.
    The Brewery was at 142 Oxford High Street 1891 to 1932 so that's where your GB's came from, its on the South East Corner of Carfax now the Edinburgh Woollen Mill site. When you clean them you may notice an oval stamp impressed into the bottles usually near the bottom edge, this will be the bottle manufacturers stamp, often but not always these have a number in the middle and these numbers usually show the year the bottle was made.
    Sadly for me I cant make it this Sunday, but perhaps in the not to distant future when Steve T and WH can also make it we could all come over and make a day of it like last time. Good luck with your dig this Sunday, and make sure you dig to the bottom hitting the natural first before working your way through the sides that way you wont miss anything.
    Just to spur you on, Morrell Trustee's Lion Brewery also produced codd bottles (you know with the marbles) for fizzy drinks, aqua glass ones are fairly common and not worth too much but and this is the best bit, they also made them in green glass and these could easily be in your tip they'd be a great and valuable find.
    Cheers Mate

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    Wow thanks for the tips and info... although the address and location is not right. the Morrell's Lion Brewery was in St Thomas Street. The Brewery was there for years and in 2002 was turned into a housing plot. Weirdly I used to play football in there yard The arch way over the gate and some of the building fascias are still there, although now contain flats/housing. It had a big water wheel to power some of the machinery and a huge chimney, both of which still stand.

    The bottles seem to made by two different companies. The one you mention, the stamped oval. In the middle is a heart with the word "POWELL" over it and "BRISTOL" under it. The other type is printed onto the front which reads "RILEY MANFG CO LONDON ENG" but sadly nothing with a date... you did get me very excited though.

    I would love another group dig like last time was great fun. So I will leave it too the boss to sort that out. As for Sunday we will dig deep and see what we get. A Codd bottle would be lovely. There was a mountain of glass and some of the bottoms would have been lovely if complete, some where Square bottomed.

    Cheers LS

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    Thanks for the link it's great to put the history with the bottles, it's obvious the main brewery was where you said as confirmed by Wiki but they did also have the site I mentioned, I guess being a big company in its day they may have had a few sites.
    Heres a link The High, Oxford; 141-3

    Shame no date shown on your GB's but I like the one with the manufacturers name transferred to the front, Ive not seen that before

    Roll on Sunday I want to see what else you'll find, Good Luck.

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    Cool I never knew they were there. Thanks for that.

    Yeah I can't wait either. Very very excited!

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    Quote by LUCKYSTRIKE View Post
    perhaps in the not to distant future when Steve T and WH can also make it we could all come over and make a day of it like last time.
    I'm up for that

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    A couple of emails from Ade, he suggests sometime in January as long as everyone is done moving house etc

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    January sounds ok , a new year, a new dig for some of us, and possibly be finding something that you have'nt, that would make my year and Steves, btw are there any rabbits?

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    LOL... yeah there's loads of rabbits, deer too. There was loads of pheasants on Sunday. One almost walked past me really close till I stood up from my hole I was digging and scared the daft thing half to death.

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    OK, I popped up to the site for a couple of hours the other day when the Mrs was out running.

    Didn't get much, but what I did get I was very excited about also for the first time ever when having someone watch me, I pulled out something nice! Not trash like normal when being watched

    My 'little' site in Oxford

    and don't expect to see these clean for a while... the back log is growing fast.


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