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My 'little' site in Oxford

Article about: Cant wait to see.....

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    Great thread, the most exiting thing about digging a dump is that you never know what is going to turn up next. I have been digging old rubbish dumps for many years including a between the wars military one near Dover. All we found were heaps of old tins and a few bottles. Interestingly they included a green codd bottle made by the 'Riley MNFC London SW'. I believe bottles embossed 'made in England' are post 1900.


    My 'little' site in Oxford

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    Very nice Mark, Your really lucky for have found that !

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    We'll I'll be!

    I had a text from Jay last night, he was looking through a load of bits from this site and found a Besa round! I asked him what it looked like and sure as hells hot. I had one too. I had thrown it aside into my cARp pile. I thought it was post war rubbish happy times


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    Those hunks of grenade are great DM.

    And as for this Besa round........can you post a picture please, (or Jay post one )

    Steve T

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    well I was going to photo it, but seeing as you said I masturbate too much on facebook and my Dad was the next person to comment, I think I will just let you wait now!

    I will take a photo shortly, just sat down for lunch I will photo it on the Besa ammo tin (as this has a round size stamped into the lid), with a .303 and a .30-06 to show scale


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    Don't forget the headstamp

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    ha ha ha ha.... yeah yeah.. my head stamp is bad, i think it miss-fed, There is a slice out the bottom and the head was bent at an angle, making it easy to pull out and empty. The casing has slight splits where the head was forced over. But I will try and photo whats left of the markings.

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    Ok, heres the pic, but can't photo the head stamp... but it says "K2 (slice) G II Z"

    My 'little' site in Oxford


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    ha ha ha ha ha ha, just for all you BELL END collectors out there... enjoy the fierce bidding

    1.3 KG dug up WW2 British Mills Grenade center tube and anvil shrapnel as found | eBay

    LOL Mouse

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    LMFAO !

    What a ridiculous thing to sell........

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