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My 'little' site in Oxford

Article about: Cant wait to see.....

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    Oh dear, it saddens me that some misguided individual sees fit to sell his hard to come by and may I say valuable finds on E-bay for such a paltry sum, I just hope that WH reconsiders his actions and takes them to a registered scrap dealers, he should get more value for money or we could always have a whip round and help the poor soul, Im sure we can get 15 between us, what do you say guys, lets do the right thing and help him, a Bloody kid he may be, but he's one of us, give genorously

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    Exciting news! That I cant hold in... Jay just phoned me, he was in the area of this site today and found two of these! At least I'm 99% certain this is what he found.

    6 Pounder Projectile - Artillery Shells, Projectiles and Grenades


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    They are exactly what I found ! Will post a pic when I can

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    Went to the site with DM today had a few interesting finds will get a pic up in a bit ! ( hopefully lol)

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    Looking forward to that. The season is also starting in Russia now. Can't wait to get out there!

    Regards, Lars

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    Hey Peeps, had a great day with Jay and John (not you btw WH, just in case you get confused)

    Got some different bits which was great as well as the usual pile of .303s and bell ends GRRRRRRRRR

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 296 Shotover April 12'.jpg   298 Shotover April 12'.jpg  

    297 Shotover April 12'.jpg  

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    Good haul of stuff matey

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    Nice to see an intact spring there DM

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    Went out today with Jay, got another tonne of the usual bits, including a canadian regiment cap/collar badge, 2inch mortar body, base nuts, .303 drill round. Pics to follow...

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