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My 'little' site in Oxford

Article about: Cant wait to see.....

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    Cant wait to see.....

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    well, as I photo'ed ages ago a big early Tizer bottle, once I got home I sent an email off to BARR who make Tizer and last week I got a reply...

    Dear Daniel,

    many apologies for the delayed response to your email request for information.

    The bottle as you say is in good condition and I can tell you something about it.

    I think it would have been made during the 1930's. It must be quite heavy compared to modern bottles as bottle glass blowing wasn't as sophisticated as it is today and also all soft drinks in the 1930's were sold in returnable glass bottles with a bottle deposit and so the bottle would have had to have been refilled many times in its life cycle.

    The reason it is a 1930's bottle is because the bottle closure (or cap) is what we would call an internal screw cap closure which were introduced during the 1930's and lasted until the 1950's - the external screw caps that we use today didn't come in until the 1950's after World War II.

    I have attached an example of your bottle positioned in-front of a tizer advertising poster from the 1930's which shows you how your bottle and cap would have looked when filled.

    Tizer was launched in 1924 in England by Fred Pickup.

    Your bottle design was later to inspire the relaunch of tizer when the brand was acquired by Barrs for 2.5m in 1972.

    The Tizer recipe that Barrs inherited with the acquisition had been changed over the previous decade as Tizer Ltd attempted to remain in business faced with heavy competition. Tizer Ltd struggled from its 1950's heydays when tizer volume hit 54 million litres per annum. To reduce costs the original formula of Tizer had been changed several times in the intervening years.

    Barrs Chairman in 1972 Robert Barr insisted that the company recreate the original Tizer recipe - the one that your bottle would have been filled with - which took a team of chemists 6 months to complete.

    The new 'original recipe' tizer was relaunched by Barrs in 1973 with a new label and a new bottle design modeled on your bottle from the 1930's - I have also attached one of the poster designs from the 1973 relaunch showing the bottle and label that Barrs relaunched tizer with.

    So what you have there culturally is a very interesting piece of soft drinks and English social and cultural history.

    I hope that helps.

    With your permission I would very much like to add a picture of your bottle to our website along with this copy, with a credit to you 'Bottle picture reproduced by kind permission of Mr D Mackay'

    Of I agreed and just checked the BARR website now and sure enough, there is my photo of my bottle and my name! YAY

    A.G.Barr p.l.c. Website : History : BARR TIZER BOTTLE 1930


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    LOL ! Awesome

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    Every time I drink a Tizer now your face will appear at the bottom of the bottle, oh hell!!!

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