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My 'little' site in Oxford

Article about: Cant wait to see.....

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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford

    After another fun day with Jay on this site here is my finds cleaned and sorted.

    What on earth is the German thingy? And what on earth is it doing there?

    9mm shels we could have dug all day long. Obviously we found the firing point for where there was a firing range of some sorts. Must have been stens or a whole pile of pistols! The one hole we almost emptied before getting bored of 9mm shels produced over 50 shels. Then I found another spot about a 5 feet away that would have had more! Then just down the hill where the ground went flat, we found 9mm heads and lots of .45 heads oh happy was I!!!

    HELP - On the last pic I attached, what is the 2nd head from the left. Jay found 2 of them, I thought it was a M1 Carbine head, but after getting back to base, I compared it too one and there's no way its that. Pic shows M1 Carbine head, ? , .45, 9mm. Any ideas gang?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My 'little' site in Oxford   My 'little' site in Oxford  

    My 'little' site in Oxford   My 'little' site in Oxford  

    My 'little' site in Oxford   My 'little' site in Oxford  

    My 'little' site in Oxford   My 'little' site in Oxford  

    My 'little' site in Oxford  

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    Hi mate
    My Parents live in Brize Norton, Mum has a field in Aston / Bampton that I keep finding .303's & police badges etc... metal detector will be out there again soon

    The German "thingy" is the top of a German dagger. Possibly a bringback. The dagger was probably used at the time in the field and the end was knocked off:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My 'little' site in Oxford   My 'little' site in Oxford  

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    Ah.. thats excellent! Thanks for that. Brize Norton isn't that far from me, I'm in Bicester. If you ever fancy coming up to 'my' (I said 'our' little site when there with Jay and he gave full ownership to me, lol) little site, then your more than welcome. As far as I'm concerned this place really is big enough for all! Its huge! very... very... huge!

    Lovely cap badge! I have a few of those unfired .303 blanks too most of mine are dated 1943 which are nice.

    "please dear digging god, where is my cap badge!!!!" I have no patience and I long to find a cap badge

    Let me know if you fancy joining me and Jay one day for a giggle and spot of trench diggin

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    The top piece for the Kreigsmarine dagger is a strange find indeed, it was a dress dagger, never worn in the "field" but is obviously a vet bring back

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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford

    weird? this site is mad! whats next?

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    Nice finds DM. The dagger pommel dates your site nicely again as possibly being used right up until the end of the war. Don't forget that a lot of barracks were used to house German POWs towards the end of the war, so that item might have been dropped by a German isn't necessarily a bring back. If it was dropped by one, you've hit the jackpot because there will be lots more German items around.

    As for your hole with the 9mm's's quite common on ranges to find holes like this. They would fire off 2 or 3 sten mags then move on. One bit of advice though. Don't leave a hole until you've cleared it ! I was digging a pile of 9mms once and was, like you, getting fed up of the damn things. I was just about to leave the hole as I'd got 60 odd cartridges, when I had one final prod. Just to the side of the 9mms were two 2 inch mortar caps that looked almost brand new.

    Nice Half crown. They always come up lovely and shiney

    Steve T

    PS You'll get a cap badge on day

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    Yeah, woohooo... will give that area a good going over at some point as I love those 9mm's now. Plus that little area should be really easy to find again, so its not all lost if there's some thing pretty there for me. I sat next to that 9mm hole for about 40 mins, fishing them out one by one... and yes it drove me crazy. How the hell you do that without a pinpointer I will never know.

    Sadly I don't think my half crown will come up shiny, its a 2nd pattern one and not silver, its crappy cupro-nickle and not in the best condition. Dated 1948, so not even a particularly nice date, but don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with it my first one!

    Yeah, one day I will find my first cap badge... BUT I WANT ONE NOW


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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford

    It looks like you have a site that will keep you busy for years

    Thanks for showing us photos of what you have found.

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    Your not wrong there matey. I can see me still being up there in twenty years diggin this stuff up, thats without even finding the PoW camp that I know is around that area somewhere and must be close-ish by.

    At the moment, me and Jay are going up there every two weeks, so if anyone is interested in joining us, just let me know and bring Jaffa cakes!

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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford


    Good to see your finding some more stuff! What other coins did you find i couldn't see them. Love the pommel fantastic find!
    gun shells came out good as well



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