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My 'little' site in Oxford

Article about: Cant wait to see.....

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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford

    I use viakal... my stuff doesn't go red! I just know how to handle it But, yeah those silvery brillo bad things are great

    I wont even tell you how I have started cleaning up my rifle heads! Either you will virtually hit me or tell me I will loose a finger but they come up very well!

    Boss was looking at shot blasters yesterday. Keep telling him that its a great idea that we get one! FOR WORK! Obviously

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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford

    Love the Grenade clip Jay. Thats going to be one of my goals for this year.

    Hope you get your shot blasters so be intresting


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    Quote by dangermouse View Post
    Ah.. thats excellent! Thanks for that. Brize Norton isn't that far from me, I'm in Bicester. If you ever fancy coming up to 'my' (I said 'our' little site when there with Jay and he gave full ownership to me, lol) little site, then your more than welcome. As far as I'm concerned this place really is big enough for all! Its huge! very... very... huge!

    Lovely cap badge! I have a few of those unfired .303 blanks too most of mine are dated 1943 which are nice.

    "please dear digging god, where is my cap badge!!!!" I have no patience and I long to find a cap badge

    Let me know if you fancy joining me and Jay one day for a giggle and spot of trench diggin
    I will take you up on that I will PM you soon letting you know when i'm around, will be a good laugh
    Cheers, Dan

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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford

    Went out with dan yesterday ,found some nice bits including our first cap badges !!!! one little piece has confused me tho ,it is a small piece of broken metal with "no6 v.e.c. on it any one got any ideas ?
    will post some pics up later

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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford

    Pictures !

    Like NOW !

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    Well done with the first capbadge

    We want pictures


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    Well done Jay!!!

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    Hello all,

    I am back from New York now (and no I didn't take my MD away) the day before I went away was the day me and J last went to play. So when I returned home yesterday I found all my finds still waiting for me to clean and sort them all.

    My first find of the day was a George II Silver 6 penny bit. Then to try and top that, my next find was a small metal pot of 1920's dated shillings and six penny pieces. Then later I got my first cap badge, I thought at first it was an RAOC, but then I noticed the word 'Canadian' inserted into the title scroll! YAY... later I found my second, Canadian again, but medical corps. I was so chuffed. I thought that Jay was getting a bit fed up with my luck and lack of his, especially after he said he would kill me and take my badges off me if I found another!

    I took a few pics, didn't photo all the .303 carts, as you all know what they look like. It was an amazing day for finds! Enjoy

    My 'little' site in OxfordMy 'little' site in OxfordMy 'little' site in OxfordMy 'little' site in OxfordMy 'little' site in Oxford

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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford


    That site of yours is really coming up with the goods now ! I can't believe you haven't mentioned the ring I can see in the third picture. You should easily be able to track down a manufacture date if it has a hallmark, and even the country it was made in.......fingers crossed it is Canada

    Very nice cap badges as well. Coupled with the coins finds, (by the way, because you found more than seven coins in one 'hole', the tin is officially classed as a 'horde' ), I reckon you must be in a recreation or communal area near to the barracks.

    One last thing. That nade fuse looks a bit suspect to me. Give it a good soak in hot soapy water for a couple of hours then see if you can tell if it is safe. There's a slim chance it's still live.


    Steve T

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    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the reply. However, were still digging in the same spot. Where the grenade range is, so no idea why the coins and ring where there. The ring was on the surface, so I think its modern. Or possibly from thrown spoil from my erratic and frustrated digging.

    Ok, now I was really pleased with the nade fuse. But your right, it does look 'dodgy' to me. I gently scrapped the lose crud off of it before taking the pics. I will let it soak for a few hours now. But what would I be looking for to make sure its not live etc.

    And wheres JAYS pics! I have been to New York and back, and he still hasn't put his pics up!!! *FROWN*

    Thanks, DM

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