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My 'little' site in Oxford

Article about: Cant wait to see.....

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    Default My 'little' site in Oxford

    Right, as a couple of you will know I have been going over a site in Oxford and it all started as I found some foundations. However around these, all I find is rubbish and coins. So I wondered off to a different part of the site and started find 303 cartridge after 303 cartridge (this started towards the end of last year).

    I went back to my little site with Jay on Sunday and we had a great day out. See the pics from Sunday. I will post some more of the bits I have found on the site later. To update (I know this should have been done ages ago. But what can I say... I'm rubbish!

    Hope you all enjoy

    Oh and what on earth are the things that I have done a close up of? I'm guessing grenade parts????
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My 'little' site in Oxford   My 'little' site in Oxford  

    My 'little' site in Oxford  

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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford

    The 4 plug like objects with the 3 holes on the bases are the bottom bases for the Mills 36 grenade , .303 spent rounds and the other objects, poss grenade plugs, you could turn them over to see if there are 3 holes, if you take care and gently clean the bases you could find markings and dates the 4 smaller screw types are the side casing plugs for the grenades, this is basically the filler plugs

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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford

    Hi Dave, thanks for the reply

    "poss grenade plug" are we talking about the things in the foreground of the first pic. As its those I have no idea on what they are. I found 7 of them, but only two are in slightly good condition. They are almost the shape of the French Adrian helmet! Which is a little odd. They have what is left of a screw thred on the very bottom and a tiny hold on one side of the top.


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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford

    The larger round things are base plugs for the Mills Grenades, the 4 smaller screws are the filler plugs..and the cone shaped things are the anvil of the J Fuse that sites on top of the base plug.

    Nice finds!!!

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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford

    That's great, thanks for ID'in those "anvil of the J Fuse" parts. I thought they must be something to do with all the Mills grenade bits I was finding.

    Roll on next time I can get up there...

    Here's a couple of pics of my previous finds from this site.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My 'little' site in Oxford   My 'little' site in Oxford  

    My 'little' site in Oxford   My 'little' site in Oxford  

    My 'little' site in Oxford   My 'little' site in Oxford  

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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford

    Hello I made a slight error..the larger of the 2 round things are the bottoms of the centre tubes inside the Mills..they always look like that when found..the smaller round things to thier right are the anvils.

    You have some very nice finds there!!!

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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford

    Oh, I thought that all those 7 bits where the same thing. Just in different states of condition. But, there is two distinct variations. I'm just really happy to know that they are Mills parts.

    Thanks Dean, best part is that I haven't even really begun on this site yet. It's just so big. I have so many coins also from this site covering all eras. Weirdest coin is a Napoleon 1856 10Centimes. The range of coins and amount is crazy and so is condition. Ranges are from the earliest - 1799 George III half penny, right up to modern day coins that have since been spent on more Jaffa cakes.

    Hopefully Jay will post pics soon of his bits he found on the site.

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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford

    I will try to post a photo of a spare center tube I have along with a cutaway Mills showing the parts with the J Fuse
    Let see if this works..if it does...this is a WW 1 No 23..but pretty much the same

    Holy Crap it worked!!!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My 'little' site in Oxford  

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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford

    Ah excellent, makes much more sense now Thanks for the pic. Yeah, I'm new to posting pics too. So I have two of the center tubes (well the bases of them) and 5 anvils. Just one question, where would the anvils be? I really didn't know grenades had so many parts!

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    Default Re: My 'little' site in Oxford

    The anvil is the bottom piece of the J the photo of the cutaway it is the thing with the yellow cord and brass tube on is the white metal bit with the yrllow cord coming out of it....there were differant shaped anvils..the one in the cutaway is a Canadian Pratice MK 111 fuse,,,however looking at them again, I may be wrong.
    if you can..could you post a clearer photo of the smaller ones..along with a photo of the base of it.

    Thank you

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