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Nazi War Diggers back again !!

Article about: Sadly after all the furore around the horrendous Nazi war Diggers programme two years ago featuring Craig Gottleib and our former modereator Steve T that led to the show being withdrawn by N

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    Not on Demand 5 It don't Dave.
    'I do not think we can hope for any better thing now.
    We shall stick it out to the end, but we are getting weaker of course, and the end cannot be far.
    It seems a pity, but I do not think I can write more. R. SCOTT.
    Last Entry - For God's sake look after our people.'

    In memory of Capt. Robert Falcon Scott, Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates and Edgar Evans. South Pole Expedition, 30th March 1912.

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    Quote by big ned View Post
    I thought a deliriously enthusiastic amateur who wanted to appear more experienced in this form of archaeology than he really was, a better description. When they were digging the trench system in the tree line looking for the bunker that was not there, the quote "I have over 20 years experience digging trenches" was perhaps a little disingenuous under the specific circumstances....
    I agree with you Ned. I did make a flippant comment about Steve T, I admit and I do apologise to any friends of his here.

    In my defence, I do not know the guy, I didn't know who he was on the show, and after watching that I do not really care.

    My first impression was that none of them came across very well at all. If they are representative of diggers as a whole, then its another nail in the coffin for the collecting community I feel.

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    Ok, just watched was exactly how i imagined (bad)..before everyone starts on the people involved, of whom i know none, the media make you do exactly what they want with a show, you are quite often told what to say and do, even against your best thoughts..its just the way it is, and it can be overwhelming to the uninitiated..One person of note on the show is well versed in this and is using it to pursue his agenda, but the others are probably fish out of water..some of these guys would have been legitimately shocked by what has transpired... just something to consider ...anyway, the show was crap

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    Quote by davejb View Post
    Are you just saying this for effect , are you confusing S T with C G , Have you ever met S T , if you have then will know that your comment is not only insulting but inaccurate, and although you call yourself HistoryMan I would suggest that you and he bear no resemblance to the knowledge he holds regarding history and relic recovery and the identification of relics, also can you enlighten us all on how many articles you have written and had published for some very prominant magazine publications, how many conferences do you attend to share that knowledge, present your items for review, attend schools to teach the younger generation about wartime history and recovery, by all means share your abundance of knowledge on this subject and your qualifications to name yourself HistoryMan
    Sorry David. I do not know Steve T or know anything about him to be honest, I have never heard of him, I am new here.
    All I know is that the show was awful in my humble opinion; nothing new for Channel 5 really is it?

    May I ask a question? If Steve T is such a professional historian and is held in such high esteem by his peers, why did he lower himself so by taking part in that amateurish, childlike at times excuse for a serious Battlefield archaeology programme.
    Was it the lure of the cameras and being on TV perhaps ?

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    The 'show' is not worth the fighting here Gentlemen....please refrain and keep this thread open, so others can view our feelings on it

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    Watched it. Was like they tried to copy combat dealers and all tried acting like experts Steve T and the american.
    seems really crude and unprofessional. but better then the russias doing it and selling their items on here. believe the body's will be treated well and buried.
    but could get a lot more diggers out there now.
    The crew was so cheesy all really annoying.

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    HistoryMan, I thankyou for the apology, I am not here to try and convince anyone that they have to like something, I just like all the facts to be clear before I make a comment and I wish everyone else would, if you dont like the show that is your perogative , in my opinion its a new show, with nearly all people taking part very new to cameras, and filming, Time Team here was exactly like this when first aired, the only difference being they had a professional actor on set as host and to guide the show,if there were a well known personality fronting the show ,how many here would dare to smear him, personally attack him, slander his reputation in print, not many ,they would be too afraid of ending up in court in a law suit. I think,in fact I know ,that once everyone finds their feet it will improve over the series but the enthusiasm will be the same as it should be, not everyone will like the show but the crux of the debate has been to run the show down from the start, without even seeing it, and no, Steve T knew that working with Legenda was an opportunity to help repatriate the fallen soldiers found, plus its his passion to find and preserve relics, if it was your passion you would do exactly the same as would anyone, do you honestly think that anyone would lay themselves open to all the horrible media hype that surrounds this show, to have his once friends on this forum treat him like a pariah.You could talk about numerous shows that come from America, Pawn Stars for one which sees a regular slot on British TV yet is the absolute biggest drivel aired, I dont see hundreds of comments demanding its removal, why, because its produced with large sums of money by American production companies, yet that poor excuse for a family see nothing wrong in stiffing a punter and making a huge profit from someone needing money quickly. This show is designed to let people see what lengths there are to preserve history and also to see those that fell are treated to a decent and proper burial, Is that such a bad thing or are all the so called "experts" on here and the so called "archaeologists" who have never been near a battlefield, so arrogant to believe they can do better. I asked you earlier what qualifies you as an authority on this subject, how many times have you been on a battlefield dig, as yet you seem to be avoiding that issue, there are some here on this forum who have posted items found in parts of Europe where it is completely illegal to remove anything from a battlefield, yet no-one says too much but they are sometimes the very ones who are shouting the loudest. I think we have to agree to disagree, I like the programme, content, and the reality of most of the presenters, they are not acting, they have minor arguments, disagreements and that is not cut just to make them look all happy joes all the time. If any of us were given the chance to do this, just how many would turn it down, I guarantee not many, especially the diggers on the forum.

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    yeah it was interesting to watch i hope the fallen get to Rest in a German War cemetery.
    better than most the Nazi zombies Nazis aliens, Nazis was so bad crap they put of

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    This thread seems to have run it's course and nothing new need be said. Therefore, it is closed


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