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Obersalzberg Relics

Article about: Hi All, I was lucky to visit Obersalzberg in 2011 and planned the trip before I attended using old maps and legends etc. It was amazing whats still around and most of the main buildings foun

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    Quote by harryamb2 View Post
    nazi relics i.e buildings bunkers etc,are being destroyed by the goverment of and councils germany and ground into dust ,so I do not see any thing wrong in people picking up loose bits to preserve them.there's talk of them destroying the stadium that Speer designed.
    Thats just a general answer , do you know who owns any of these places and if they are happy for everything to be taken away ?
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    As far as I know Berghof belongs to the local city government - to the German state. Just as Bavaria has the rights to the Hitlers "Mein Kampf" for 2 more years and so it is prohibited to publish it today because otherwise we will violate the right of the heir of Adolf Hitler:-).

    I understand that for many people all Obersalzberg area is interesting only because many nazis lived there. But let's pretend that some notorious mass murderer lived in Your town 70 years ago. You do not support his ideas, You have not ever seen him, You do not want actually anything to hear about him. But still thousands tourist will come every year to Your town to see the place where he lived. Do You really think that people in Berchtesgaden are happy about that? OK, tourism will bring some money but it also brings many nazi minded visitors and many problems.

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    Quote by Paul E View Post
    Thats just a general answer , do you know who owns any of these places and if they are happy for everything to be taken away ?
    Steady on Paul, that's the most Harry's ever written on this forum!! It's positively encyclopedic compared to the usual "It's o.k." and I applaud it, well done 'H'!
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    The Eagles nest is privately owned, Speers home (obersalzberg) is still standing, lived in and privately owned, Goerings home was flattened and a privately owned hotel built on the site, the spot where Goerings home was is now a pond, what remains of Hitlers Berghof and the foundations buried under tons of rubble from other demolished sites, the Bormann tree is attempted to be killed off every year by the local government by aggressive cutting, therefore the fact of this are that the government are trying to remove ALL traces, someone mentions about tourists going to the area, yes they do, there is a bus service from the Berghof up to the eagles nest, so it seems that the areas past is embraced by business. The area of the Berghof is in a wooded area cared for by the local Government.
    Hotel Turken (the hotel next to the site of the Berghof has constantly had problems from the local Government (this is where the tunnels are underneath) they constantly point the finger at the 80/90 year old owner due to her keeping the tunnels open and it is stated that the Government are trying to force the owner into closing the hotel down and then destroy it, this act seems to me to be very similar to when the Government in the 30’s/40’s forced the owner into a camp as he would not give it up the local party!!
    Turning to the question in relation to pompei and other protected sites, these sites have all been protected by law, I am not talking about damaging anything, there is no such protection on the Berghof sites and I am talking about picking up stone/rubble from the site, on visiting Maunthausen it was evident that many people were picking up marble/stone from the death quarry and carrying it to the memorial, is this wrong?
    On a lighter note if anyone did ask who I have permission from I will show them these pictures.
    Obersalzberg RelicsObersalzberg Relics

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    I was wondering, is there any laws, here in europe, about relic hunting as such ?


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    For those who have been to the Obersalzberg, and I have numerous times, you know the German Government keeps blowing up the ruins, over and over and over...they have removed the majority of all ruins of the Tea House, the Berghof has been repeatedly blown up since the 50s when they took those ruins down, and the area continues to be sterilized.... Who REALLY cases if pieces of history are picked up here as shortly the whole place will be removed. They dropped a Hotel Continental on Gorings House, the Turken which is a Wonderful Guest House and run by a Great Lady who is kind enough to share the past history of the area is badgered by the current government to close the tunnels, and as the disease of political correctness continues, I will bet they will completely sterilize the region. Collectors help preserve what the government there will bury in a for sites like this that are targeted for compete destruction, there is no harm in preserving what is going to be ultimately destroyed... And that folks is what is going to happen here.... Whether we like it or not....I too have picked up chunks of history From all over Europe from sites... I have never damaged anything in the process... And what has been collected was lying around loose and would be lost.... For any who attend the SOS, you can find multitudes of such items... Both from the War where vets took them, and today where current folks find items. There is a difference between preservation and vandalism...

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    No post from the original poster for more than three years. I wonder if there is any Berghof material left there now?

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    Probably in Jail!!!lol...

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    Well they say that those that forget history are condemned to repeat it...

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    Quote by copperpot View Post
    Hi All, I was lucky to visit Obersalzberg in 2011 and planned the trip before I attended using old maps and legends etc.
    It was amazing whats still around and most of the main buildings foundations are still standing, from the sites I managed to obtain various brick relics.

    Attachment 458421
    This is the site of the Berghof (foundations still visible now the land is sliding away)

    Attachment 458422
    Cut brick

    Attachment 458423Attachment 458424
    Bormann Tree then and now

    Attachment 458425
    recovered wood

    I am now after a small (dice) sized piece of the Berlin fuhrerbunker and Berlin Reich Chancellery happy to have concrete or marble.

    I can trade the following relics (negotiable to which ones or all) these all come with authenticity and printed provenance.

    I can supply pieces, encapsulated relics or card mounted or mix of all.

    Berghof (just below the picture window)
    Bormann tree
    Berghof rear wall
    Berghof road wall
    Bormann house
    Kampfhäusl (where Hitler wrote the second part of Mein Kampf)
    Hitlers WW1 Bunker

    Please let me know if anyone can help.
    Having my own brick of the same place... :-)

    Obersalzberg Relics

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