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Old Merton Lines Bros Ltd. workshop.

Article about: Hello, Kuro here. I (and a couple other friends) Wanted to know a bit more about the Lines Bros Ltd. Toy workshop that was later turned into a STEN Mk. II Facory. Things I wouldn't mind know

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    Quote by Steve T View Post
    LOL !

    I suppose the point here is that the information is easy to find if you take 10 seconds to look
    I agree, I am amazed sometimes how little people use Google, I mean in general, not members here, find anything on Google !!!! haah

    Its like those stupid ads for directory enquiries, just use google, get the number for free !! lol

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    Old Merton Lines Bros Ltd. workshop.The old Lines Brothers factory is about half a mile from where I sit typing this. It was there until about thirty years ago when the whole area was demolished and a new industrial estate built. Have a look on a map of Wimbledon for the junction of Merantum Way and Morden Road and the Lines Brothers factory was on the south corner.

    Because of their experience in casting Tri-ang toys made from zinc based pot metal they designed some expedient drill cartridges for .30-06, .9mm and .45 ACP. Examples shown in picture.

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    Shame it got turned into an industrial estate. I bet the land around the factory was jammed with discarded casts.

    Nice drill cartridges. I believe Jayh found a whole stash of them on a site he digs.

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