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Old Pin ??

Article about: I know it's been a long time, We are working in the house right-now, work hasn't been a breeze the last few months and my car crash in August didn't improve anything. Just got my new car las

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    Default Old Pin ??

    My wife found this on a battle field in Germany.
    Not sure what it is.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture PA151133.jpg   PA151135.jpg  

    PA161151.jpg   PA161152.jpg  

    PA161148_01.jpg   PA161149.jpg  

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    Default Re: Old Pin ??

    I can't see it too well but this almost looks like it's a very old piece, as in pre-WWI.

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    Default Re: Old Pin ??

    It is pre WWII, maybe connected with horses? Anyway it is not an military item but a good find indeed!

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    Default Re: Old Pin ??

    I'll try and get some better pics on here.


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    Default Re: Old Pin ??

    Looks to be fairly old maybe late 1800's ?

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    Default Re: Old Pin ??


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    Default Re: Old Pin ??

    I agree. A piece much older than WW1 or 2. Possibly of Roman origin as the design reminds me of many Roman items.

    A nice find ! Well done to your wife

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Old Pin ??

    Thank You.
    I'll tell her you said so.

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    Default Re: Old Pin ??

    Looks like a pin-lock, you have the "female"-part. They were used by 3 or 4 pairs that would interlock (male with female)on fur or woolen vests as we do now with pressure buttons.
    I think Steve T is correct in presuming it's roman era or at least middle ages.
    The Battlefields you are searching have a verry rich historycal background.
    very nice find indeed.


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    Default Re: Old Pin ??

    Thanks Steven,
    I appreciate the help.
    Hope to see you out there someday soon.


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