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This one i grab another day-MG-131-WOULD LIKE TO KNOW OPINION ABOUT VALUE!!!

Article about: Hello Guys. Sorry for poor pics- -this monster mashine I grab 2 days ago. Not my pray-but my friend..i only bought it! ...Background:-unknown for lockals german plane hit the ground...stood

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    Larry C-13mm cal MG131-a heavy machine gun used by the Luftwaffe in gun turrets in later multi engine aircraft such as the Ju 188, He 177, FW 200 Condor etc, also upper fuselage guns in Bf 109 G/K and late FW 190s-were also used in the AA role on various mountings as things got ever worse for the Germans.

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    my friend bouch mg 131 very rotten main frame of this gun only log and frame not barrel ore anything else 500.
    sorry my bad englis im from finland

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    An old thread but do you still have the MG 131?

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