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one of many.......

Article about: Hi My respect,s to you and all your friends for the job you do, it is one of the most honorable things you and others can do for the soldiers that died there. As you say some one must do it,

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    hello boy,s.just yesterday return home from 5 days spending near estonian and 5 of my friends finished exhumation of german soldiers.we are doing that from midlle of 90-ies,andthis semetery is just one of many,s we recowered.---some f..n relic hunters destroyed some grawes in 80,90-ies.sad but nothing to do.our group is working under Komitee of war grawes wich has contract with german Volksbund....! So result after 4 days figtgting with sun +35 in forest until +5(two days nonstop raining last two days) total number is 105 german soldiers.moustly had dog was hard due to wether and due to location of grawes(they all was in forest,moust of grawes under tries,cowered by roots.was no chanse to use eny kind of technik).but we did it.still many simmilar grawes in the same area we must return to.still so many to do...............thats a real face of war
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    boy in red raincoat is my 12 years young son.

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    Very well done! Please thank your friends and nice to see your son taking an interest.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Very interesting, i guess we will never know how many unmarked graves there are, but thanks to you and your freinds at least some will be put to rest where the sacrifice will be recognised.

    regards to you and your friends for giving up your time.


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    thankyou Adrian. we got some list about these soldiers from Volksbund with names and dog tag nr,but in fact there was many with complete dog tags and they where out of list.(I,M HAPPY ABOUT THOSE SOLDIERS FAMILY,S-FINALY THEY WILL GET INFO OBOUT THOSE WHO THEY LOVED AND MISSED).all soldiers will be reburied in near at Riga(there is second from two big german semeteries.(PLACE FOR FAMILYS AND KAMMERADS WHERE TO COME AND SPEND SOME TIME IN MEMORIES.Actualy we searching also russian soldiers because for we there have no difference- they all are victims........................!p.s-about my son-he loves history and like to do that because of hi,s crazy father.i,m proud to him.

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    to Rick-yes you right about time.we realy stole that time and cash from family,s,because we do it for motto why i,m doing that is-SOMEBODY MUST DO THAT.

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    Well you have my utmost respect. and as Ade has said it is great your son has this intrest in the past and a father happy to teach him.

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    hope one day my yuangest son will also join as
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    We all respect your effort, and also the way you raise your son.

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    I have a lot of respect for giving up your time for what can only be described in most peoples eyes as quite a grim task, but its good that over 60 years on they arent being forgotton and left near or where the fell. Its good that you are encouraging your children because someone will have to carry on your valuable work. On an other note, I seen quite a sickening video a while ago of Russian, what I would call "grave robbers" digging up graves and simply tossing the skulls and other bones of their fallen countrymen to the side like they didnt matter. I dont get why and how someone could do that. I really hope that they get caught and punished.


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