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Personal finds from the states

Article about: I detect for Civil War relics here in the U.S. I don't get out much, but I'm still proud of my finds. All finds are from private property, with permission. As a bonus, I will try to add a Yo

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    Default Personal finds from the states

    I detect for Civil War relics here in the U.S. I don't get out much, but I'm still proud of my finds. All finds are from private property, with permission. As a bonus, I will try to add a YouTube video that shows pictures from one of my digs.

    Personal finds from the states

    These were the first bullets I've ever dug. They are .58 Cal., and were found in the positions of the 77th New York Infantry. The 77th New York was guarding a section of the Rappahannock River in Virginia, where these bullets were found.

    Personal finds from the states

    This is one of the rarest Confederate buttons known to exist. I found this one at an old house site, that was visited by the famous and beloved Confederate General, J.E.B. Stuart. He visited the house three times during the war with his staff. This is a Confederate staff officers button, and as stated above, one of the rarest out there. What makes this even cooler is that it came from one of his staff officers coats!

    Personal finds from the states

    This bullet was found in my front yard, in Kentucky. It came as a surprise, especially after digging soda cans all day. After some research, it was dropped by a member of the 117th Ohio Infantry on picket duty on our ridge.

    Personal finds from the states

    Just behind the tree line is an old iron furnace, built in 1857. The 54th Virginia infantry (CSA) Captured the furnace in early September 1862. The 117th Ohio was rushed to the furnace to chase the rebels away. The rebels left before they arrived, but they searched for them anyway. This bullet and Bayonet Scabbard Tip (not pictured) was what was left behind in this ill fated pursuit.

    Below I will post a video of a favorite dig site in Virginia. This is the battlefield of Jeffersonton Virginia, where elements of Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry bumped into each other, and a short but bloody struggle ensued. Private property with permission.

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    I'll have to do it later, when I get onto my other computer. This one doesn't work right.

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    Great photos and information.

    The thrill of finding artifacts like this has always been fun..


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    MAP is online now


    Great finds! But I love the photo of the country side! THAT is the type of place I want to retire to. Me, my tractor, my dog(s) and my rifles
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

    My greatest fear is that one day I will die and my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them

    "Don't tell me these are investments if you never intend to sell anything" (Quote: Wife)

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    Nice finds RR, there is nothing more thrilling than standing in the footsteps of history and finding artefacts. Even the most mundane are special when we can say where and when they were probably deposited in the ground.

    Happy Hunting!

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    I am from the States, and my fondest memory of my youth was when me and my Dad took a road trip to Gettysburg Penn., and then going south to Andersonville POW camp. There are tons of antique stores around these places that sell civil war relics. But I can imagine the thrill of discovering a battlefield relic on your own. P.S. The South will Rise Again!

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