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Pre D Day battleground Training Area.

Article about: Wow. Love the sign and the 81mm section of tail. Great work... keep it up A hate jam with a vengeance but I love the tin! DM

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    Default Re: Pre D Day battleground Training Area.

    we used to find these metal cones when clearing an anti tank range and if i remember correctly they were identified as from US 2.36" rockets which originaly used steel cones later replaced by copper ones which gave more armour penetration

    attached image showing the steel cones is a cutaway by PzGR40 on wk2ammo website
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Pre D Day battleground Training Area.  
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    Hi Spotter,
    Thats great you've got them in one 'definately the blighters!!' thanks for another I'd and love the cutaway's picture.
    All the Best.

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    Default Re: Pre D Day battleground Training Area.

    Been cleaning a few of my finds

    First up my two best finds of the day, I'm not sure which one i prefer.

    This one was probably only thrown a couple of times before being lost
    Attachment 448845
    But this one has had some serious abuse. Note both top pieces have been knocked off and painted over. I think i like this one best
    Attachment 448843
    Quite a scare relic, only ever found this part
    Attachment 448841
    This is great it retains almost all of it's original paint
    Attachment 448844

    Lastly i wanted to give myself an idea of what the site may have looked like wartime
    Attachment 448840
    Attachment 448842

    Still got some more bits to clean, will hopefully post them soon


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    Default Re: Pre D Day battleground Training Area.

    Lovely nades WH

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    Default Re: Pre D Day battleground Training Area.

    Excellent Mate, they've cleaned up a treat. I love the 68 with paint that's a first for this site.
    Nice artistic work, reliving the past through spent 30cals scattered across the lawn.
    Good Stuff.

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    Default Re: Pre D Day battleground Training Area.

    I think your stripper clips are the NATO 7.62mm clips, they are very similar to 30-06 clips but as 7.62mm cases have been found and Springfield ammo clips pretty much all went to the pacific, I reckon the chances are, they're 7.62.

    The cones shown look like shape charge cones found in the armour defeating rockets such as bazookas etc.

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    Just seen the earlier reply mentioning the cones. Missed that one

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    Default Re: Pre D Day battleground Training Area.

    Thanks m3bobby, Id agree on the stripper clips if they'd been found at the surface where the 7.62 are found but these ones were all found together mixed with Garande clips in a hole 4 to 6 inches down. Bearing this in mind I'm more inclined to think they are WW2 rather than post war dated.

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    Default Re: Pre D Day battleground Training Area.

    Hey all, Me and Ade have been back today for a couple of hours

    First up MK2 Bazooka tail
    Attachment 449309
    what we though at first was war time it actually turned out to be post war Para Allum
    Attachment 449308
    Mk 1 bazooka tail, was really pleased to get two types today as i had never found any before
    Attachment 449307
    What's this at first i though RAF and quickly ran over to LS to show him
    Attachment 449312
    It's amazing the condition of the badge, i only used a toothbrush and added some olive oil to bring it out a bit
    Attachment 449310
    All of todays bit and bobs
    Attachment 449311

    Cheers for now


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    Default Re: Pre D Day battleground Training Area.

    Wow that Badge has come up a treat, much better than expected well done Mate. Another good day out and for once a search in Sunshine

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