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Pre D Day battleground Training Area.

Article about: Wow. Love the sign and the 81mm section of tail. Great work... keep it up A hate jam with a vengeance but I love the tin! DM

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    Default Re: Pre D Day battleground Training Area.

    Awesome thread!

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    Default Re: Pre D Day battleground Training Area.

    DM, Thanks mate.
    Davejb, Thats great news if they are I wonder if they're part of the Flare Trip Wire tops that I posted earier, M3bobby said they needed a stake to hold them so perhaps this is the missing bit. Hopefully he'll see this and can confirm.
    Cheers for That.

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    Default Re: Pre D Day battleground Training Area.

    Finding the bottom half of the sign.........awesome.

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    Quote by LUCKYSTRIKE View Post
    The last few....

    A small padlock perhaps from an ammo chest or vehicle locker.

    Attachment 252716

    With this one I have to give credit where credits due ,
    This was dug by all diggers best friend, I picked it up from the spoil outside the rabbit burrow. It's survived well and as you can see is nicely dated 1940.

    Attachment 252719

    A few fragments of small alloy fuses.

    Attachment 252720

    Unidentified, they are heavy items the holes seem to pass most of the way through them, they are a little shattered like they could have been in an explosion perhaps from a shell or mortar?

    Attachment 252721

    Now this was unexpected, I dont know who was more surprised!!!
    Notice the old crater to his (yes he was a bull) front.

    Attachment 252723

    Last pick below
    Can anyone tell me what these things are, Im embarrased to say Im not sure. Common I think because Ive found a few at different sites but always very rusted like the one on the right. But my recent one (left hand side) is in great condition and even retains much of its green paint.
    I've always thought perhaps it's some sort of stand/support for shooting, the weapon resting in the U shaped top section.

    Thank you for any help.
    Jammy git LS, have a look! Yawn.

    (cant believe he's done it again)

    British trip flare

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    Default Re: Pre D Day battleground Training Area.

    Dave and M3 Thanks for the help, pointing me in the right direction.
    That's definately the beast, now I'll see if I can assemble one from the bits I have and I'll look out for the other parts still missing. The link is great, to see how it worked. I hate to admit but in the past I've found quite a few of the stakes but didn't bother keeping them Argh, excuse 'they seemed common'.
    Thankfully I still have two rusted examples and the newly found one.
    All the Best, see you on Sat.

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    Right ! That is IT !

    I suggest the following order.......

    Steve T
    M3's dad

    .....for either punching or kicking LS, (no face shots though....don't want any bruises showing), on Saturday for being such a jammy sod. Alternatively, you could just stroke LS to see if some of his total jamminess can be transferred.

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    Default Re: Pre D Day battleground Training Area.

    Punching and kicking is allowed but stroking is a no no, too many sexual connotations involved, ie, bunch of men out in the wilderness with trowels in hand stroking another man, not a good picture to paint and might frighten the guard on site, whereupon police called, names taken, press release issued, headline reads "New satanic cult found operating in local area, named THe Trowelers, found dancing around relics discovered" Could it get any worse?

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    Default Re: Pre D Day battleground Training Area.

    Quote by davejb View Post
    ...... Could it get any worse?
    Yep. We could strip him naked and smother him in some of that grease that's on the site and THEN stroke him.

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    Default Re: Pre D Day battleground Training Area.

    What is it with you and all this stroking, im starting to get worried now, if i find out your wife is buying large amounts of lard at Tescos, theres going to be some very hard to answer questions aimed at you, in fact if you so much as smell like" I cant believe its not butter" on Saturday im going to steer well clear

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    As some have said it is a stake for a flare and trip wire. Similar system is still used today. Usually used when setting up a defensive position or ambush. The idea is that you would guess possible enemy entry routes. The flare would be positioned in order to silhouette the enemy when activated making them easy targets.

    They are quite fiddely to set up but effective.

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