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Queston ? equipment buried in newton abbot devon

Article about: 1st of all I am new on here so hello to you all . A couple of months ago I was talking to a couple of old gentlemen at stover country park near Newton abbot , devon . They took me a very int

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    Yes I've been told very similar stories, a local resident of the area who was a neighbour of mine many years ago told me a story about him as a kid growing up on a local farm in the 1950's. Apparently, as children very much do, they found an old local storage bunker/ building etc in the Woodford area of Northamptonshire which was local to his parents farm. This site had been forgotten about by the grown ups in the post war years until him and his brother were caught "playing armies" with live Mills bombs which they had found in this Home guard? weaponry store.
    Apparently this was quite common, as I remember my dad telling me on many occasions about boxes of various munitions being piled up by the road side all over the Essex region in the years immediately after the end of WWII, plus also the warnings they were given at school about not picking up any suspicious items in the street that they found laying around, in particular the German butterfly bombs as there had been cases where they only exploded after they were tampered with by young boys, looking for souvenirs

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    Just had a very interesting conversation with a archaeolist at exeter university about this . He as an old photo showing a large pit being dug by us army & british troops at heathfield newton abbot dated april 1946 , he told me he as also heard of military equipment being dumped & thinks that the photo shows the location of the dump , unfortunatly the area is now devoloped so there is going to be no chance on earth that anything will be recovered .

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    I have just found this site .
    It lists some of the us army regiments that where in the south during the war .
    I have just found out the unit that was at camp stover - 316th station hospital , I also found that the 392nd Engineer general service regiment was also stationed in stover , which leads me to belive there is equipment buried now

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