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RAF base dump - RRPG dig - Feb 2013

Article about: Although, I always say "if it's man made, man can fix it"!

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    Default Re: RAF base dump - RRPG dig - Feb 2013

    Hi Simon,
    Thanks mate, I do display my finds but trouble is space is limited so it's sometimes a matter of alternating what's out.
    Hi Spotter,
    Thats the one, another exact match thank you. Its surprising the variety of different designs that were used for something as simple as a fuze plug/transport nut for the fuze well.
    Hi Steve,
    Cheers Mate, No I'm not sure it's civilian, it'd be great if it turned out to be an AM dial but I couldn't find any of the expected AM markings, but I suppose they could be on the underside of the dial. I see what you mean on the R1082 receiver .

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    Default Re: RAF base dump - RRPG dig - Feb 2013 the 'Gee' receiver. It is not a million miles off a match for your big dial.

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    Default Re: RAF base dump - RRPG dig - Feb 2013

    Hi Luckystrike

    The purple plastic tubing is aircraft fuel pipe - turns up quite a lot on digs. The "Superflxit" pipe is quite fancy stuff and for fuel also - it is reinforced, often with armoured joints and is self-sealing with a rubber layer that expands to seal leaks if hit by a bullet or shrapnel - I thinks it is usually used close to the carburettor, where there is only one route for the fuel and a sudden loss of supply would be critical.

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    Default Re: RAF base dump - RRPG dig - Feb 2013

    Luckystrike - as usual you have been very jammy. I like your practice bomb. 14 looks like hydraulic piping and as Nick pointed out 15 is fuel piping. 22 looks to me like a detachable panel covering a jacking point. I think the top lettering says 'jack', not 'back'. 24 is a Lancaster part - from memory 16D means this item is a fuselage component. The AW inspectors stamp tells us your Lancaster was built by Armstrong Whitworth. 27 is nice - I don't recognise the numbers but the inspectors stamp ALV suggests Alvis, whio made engines but also a lot of other components in WW2. Good finds - pity I couldn't be there...

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    Default Re: RAF base dump - RRPG dig - Feb 2013

    Hey Steve, I can see what you mean the dial is very similar, a good spot thanks and that Wiki article was an interesting read.
    Thanks nick, so between the fuel pipe and outer plastic coating was a layer of expanding rubber to plug holes. This is great info and description of use, Im very pleased to have it thanks mate.
    Elliot Thanks thats a lot of help, hopefully will see you next time for the dig.
    Looking at the panel now,it's so obvious it says JACK and not BACK, very pleased to have got it. As I said in my post it was covered in mud and I couldnt see any detail when recovered so was ecstatic to see the wording and remaining paint when I cleaned it up. Thanks for the Id on the Lanc part, it's only small but great to be from the iconic bird. I like 27 too its a nice display piece, again it was only the cleaning that revealed it was an Inspection plate, I'll follow up on the Alvis lead, Thanks for that I want to check out their work during WW2.
    All the Best Guys.

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    Default Re: RAF base dump - RRPG dig - Feb 2013

    I think it says JACK TETHER. I am not sure the context.

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    Default Re: RAF base dump - RRPG dig - Feb 2013

    Welcome to the forum and thank for your reply, you could well be right it certainly makes sense. I'll have to see if I can find anything about a Jack and Tethering point cover.
    All the Best.

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    Default Re: RAF base dump - RRPG dig - Feb 2013

    Wasn't jack tether one of the carry on cast?

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    Hi all

    Dragging this old thread back up because of post #47. That reply shows a link chute that I was fairly confident was from a 303 Browning, but was unable to find any pictures of one in situ. Well, I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day about various things and he told me he had a picture of one in situ.

    Few days later, email arrives with the pictures so I wanted to share them with you

    Interesting to see how it fits on the MG.

    RAF base dump - RRPG dig - Feb 2013

    RAF base dump - RRPG dig - Feb 2013

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