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Relic Crosses

Article about: A recent find that came my way via veterans estate, location of discovery is unknown

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    Default Relic Crosses

    A recent find that came my way via veterans estate, location of discovery is unknown

    Relic Crosses

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    Here is a detailed view

    Relic Crosses

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    Looks like they were recovered from a fire. Interesting relics.

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    very good find thanks for sharing


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    Some history in that lot! Thanks for showing them.



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    I'm not sure about them. The few times I've been to militaria fairs, I've seen boxes full with crosses like these.
    They were, like Steve says, in a burned state. They had ash all over them and were sold for 20 euros a piece.


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    At War and Peace this year me and John saw a guy who had a massive container of German awards, all melted into various shapes. He had lots of IK's all in a case, all in different conditions. Prices if I remember correctly where between 25-30. He said they were all found in a burnt out basement in Berlin... but then is Berling just the WW2 version of the Somme

    Mouse the cynic

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    Somehow I get an eerie feeling when looking at that picture. Nice items though. Thanks for sharing.

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