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Relics engulfed and swallowed by trees in Russian forest

Article about: i hope they stay. and not cut to be soild on ebay.

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    Loved watching that thred , realy iteresting to see the relics eaten up by nature !!! great stuff and lets see some more if possible !!

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    The photos are great. Thanks. A bit of a damp blanket though- I was taught that trees do not grow upwards, but out. So, a barbed wire fence that is stapled to the tree remains the same height from the ground, but slowly is swallowed up, disappearing in to the trunk over time, but never getting higher from the ground. So, I suspect these helmets and such were on the surface and someone over time placed them there.

    But, my degrees are history, teaching and theology, so I could be rather poorly informed on tree growth!

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    Yeah you have a point there Patrick I have seen that myself with the barbwire..never gave it much of a thought though..So you could well be right there,thanks for the quick lesson in tree Cheers Terry.,

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    I'm late to see this thread but it's a new category for 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' ............. trees smash steel!!!
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    That MG34 is fantastic!

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    Amazing stuff!!

    The trees over there are quite amazing ~ I have seen a picture of a tree in Australia that 'devoured' a 44 gallon drum but nothing quite like these ones ~

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