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From the Romanian WW2 battlefields

Article about: Hi everybody, during the last week i had the occasion to dig one of the major WW2 Romanian battlefields, the area is Oarba de Mures, where the Romanian army has 11.000 casualties, due to the

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    Default From the Romanian WW2 battlefields

    Hi everybody,

    during the last week i had the occasion to dig one of the major WW2 Romanian battlefields, the area is Oarba de Mures, where the Romanian army had 11.000 casualties, due to the frontal attac on the german positions on the hill, ordoned by the soviet command as revenge (on 23th august 1944 the Romanian army joind the Soviet force, leaving behnind the previouws alleance with the germans..).

    Even if the zone is already detected pretty well during the last 10-15 years, i had the luck to ''bealive'' in a signal that somebody else previouwsly dropped..the ground was already cleared from sleves and rocks, the area ready to be digged, but he didn't do that, probably beliving that it should the another big piece of shrapnel. I started to doug the signal, myself also expecting a surface shrapnel, but it wasn't so, because the hole became deeper, and the signal was constant. So i figured out that it must be a very big piece/mass of iron, if capable to diffuse a signal that strong.

    When i saw the fors shapes i was happy because i understod that it wasn't some live ordonance, neither a big shrapnel. Considering the first round shapes, i started thinking about some kind of pottery, or maybe some big cans..I must confess that in the back of my mind and hopes, there was the crazy ideas of an helmet.

    Long story short...i doug out 3 Romanian infantry helmets, one MG drum magazine and one MP magazine, plus several mortar tails. Everything was found in German positions, where the Romanians attacked in a desperate charge, using shovels, bayonets, barehanded or using the sticks from the local vine field.

    One of the helmets is battledamaged, probably a shrapnel hit on the back of the head.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture IMG_2776.jpg   11855693_1013781065323248_8860084262661278210_n.jpg  

    FullSizeRender-1.jpg   IMG_2728.jpg  

    IMG_2729.jpg   IMG_2733.jpg  

    IMG_2740.jpg   IMG_2745.jpg  

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    That is amazing, what a great find and an even more a great personal experience.

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    Cool Finds...That must have been quite a sight, having your erstwhile allies charging at your position ready to bash in your skull with a shovel...Thanks for the information, I've never heard of this I have to go study, lol...
    cheers, Glenn

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    @Rockett - Yes, there were some truly magical moments in that place while digging..being able to connect the helmets to the battle history (i mean realize that the helmets were coming from that terrible battle, and from that very brave soldiers) was a real highlight in my digging ''career''. Also have them recovered from a well detected zone...what a satisfaction!

    @bigmacglenn1966 - This battle represents one of the two biggest casualties source for the WW2 Romanian scenario, producing 11.000 K.I.A. After the Romanians changed side, passing under Soviet command, they were used in this frontal and suicidal attack on the German positions, well prepared on the hills (and composed by the 8th SS cavallery division), while the Soviets were flanking the same positions. The Soviet general Trofimenco used the Romanians for the frontal attack as revenge, considering that just few days before the same Romanians were engaging in battle the Soviet troops..You should easely find something to read about it.


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    Very interesting finds!....
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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