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RRPG dig - New RAF base dump

Article about: Hi all Almost a year ago now I managed to track down the location of an RAF base dump. I also managed to track the prospective landowner down, (the land was owned by a developer and was in t

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    Nob off, Git!
    Broke any more finds yet?

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    As was commented upon last week, the dump has few aviation finds and is far more 'domestic' but even so had a few enjoyable hours today. Amongst the finds were two complete NAAFI cups, buttons, 303s, numerous RAF marked broken sections, some marked glassware, an AM marked fork and various other bits and bobs... oh an yes a china marble!! Presumably the RAF found a way to gamble on marbles!!

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture naaficup2.jpg   naaficup.jpg  

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    NICE ! Love the marble

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    I thought Uri Geller only did spoons!
    Last edited by Richard_J; 12-23-2013 at 10:47 PM.

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    No ,some people do spoons as well, oh BTW, I've got the old boy by the short hairs, because I left my spade in my hole AND HE was using it to dig, so there, there's nothing worse than a sad poacher

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    A few hours at the site yielded a few finds,Sadly no intact cup !

    Finds included a VAT 69 Whiskey bottle,Brylcream bottle,Piece of plate and cup.A .303 cartridge,NAFFI spoon,A large Brass union of which its purpose if unknown.
    Best find was the remains of a pocket watch,Sadly the case fell to pieces during cleaning.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice finds mossie Shame about the watch, but a nice find all the same.

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    One more find to come,Soaking in WD at the moment,But think its a womans Compact !

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    Here are a few of my finds from the two days. Bit disappointed after the 15th just turned up domestic items but, after a full day on the 22nd, I went home with a few aviation-related bits. Nice Spitfire Mk.I component, but which part? Benzedrine Inhaler interesting: Benzedrine and derived amphetamines were used as a stimulant for armed forces during WWII and the Vietnam War. Thanks to Steve for his perseverance arranging this dig and for leaving behind the shaving brush.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture RAF Base Dig0003.JPG   RAF Base Dig0026.jpg  

    RAF Base Dig0025.jpg   RAF Base Dig0029.JPG  

    RAF Base Dig0016.jpg   RAF Base Dig0008.JPG  

    RAF Base Dig0018.JPG   RAF Base Dig0032.JPG  

    RAF Base Dig0028.JPG   RAF Base Dig0031.jpg  

    RAF Base Dig0005.JPG   RAF Base Dig0010.JPG  

    RAF Base Dig0012.JPG   RAF Base Dig0011.JPG  

    RAF Base Dig0023.JPG   RAF Base Dig0024.JPG  

    RAF Base Dig0004.jpg   RAF Base Dig0009.JPG  

    RAF Base Dig0002.JPG   RAF Base Dig0007.JPG  

    RAF Base Dig0006.JPG   RAF Base Dig0021.JPG  

    RAF Base Dig0022.JPG   RAF Base Dig0020.JPG  

    RAF Base Dig0014.jpg   RAF Base Dig0013.jpg  

    "You will never know the whole truth" ~ Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski

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    [QUOTE=Salzburg;1074943] Nice Spitfire Mk.I component, but which part?

    I remember a thread on a diffferent forum asking for drawing 30064 sht 13 which they thought was,flare shute door lock on a MK1 spitfire ?

    I have a friend building a Spitfire,Will email him later and see if he can help.


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