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Spanish Civil War

Article about: saludos y enhorabuena desde madrid :>)

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    saludos y enhorabuena desde madrid :>)

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    Fascinating thread, very sobering.

    Thank you for posing the pictures

    Good luck with future investigation and study


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    wow very interesting

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    Many thanks for your comments guys. I announce to you that I'm in contact with a teacher from my University that is too interested about this problem, and we are creating a future project to save this battlefield. I'll tell you more about that when we'll have the firsts results.


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    That's wonderful news that you have found some academic interest in the battlefield. I talked to my 86 year old mother-in-law about this site, who now lives in Sitges, very close to the battlefield. She grew up near Pamplona. I was shocked to find she had no interest in it. She was a strong Nationalist and immediately started talking about the atrocities Republican forces committed against her village. She basically said it was Republican soldiers lying out there. I gently reminded her that there were atrocities committed by both sides, and that civil war is always very ugly. She continues to talk freely about the civil war, but refuses to believe that the Republicans had any right to fight. Ella dijo que nunca olvidara el horror de esa guerra maldita.


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    Hi Jay,

    Nice to know about you again!

    About what your mother-in-law said to you is a common opinion between spanish people who suffered the Spanish Civil War, but for people like you and me this years of war were "just" history. They lived the war and specially the postwar, when Franco's government propaganda said what they liked to be known. The republicans obviously did a lot of crimes against spanish civilians and Franco too, but you've to understand that the first ones to kill people by political reasons were the Republic government and so by religious reasons. By this, the feeling your mother-in-law showed to you could be understood.
    It's still a problem present nowadays in the spanish society, there are still two Spains...


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    Thanks very much for this, I joined the forum to try and identify some ammunition I found, I have recently moved from UK to a finca close to Mora D'Ebre and munitions are found all the time, I would be very grateful to hear of any organisations I could report any finds to with regards to their archaeological/historical value, I fully agree with the sensitivity such an areas history and items represent, the realities of these events need to be remembered rather than forgotton, certainly not exploited and glorified so we do it all again ... and again ... it is very sobering to read and hear about what went on here prior to WW2 .... and we seem to be doing it all over again ... in truth there are at least 2 sides to most countries and powers, I just wish we could evolve and learn to get on with each other

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    Always been keen to see if there was anything left over from the Spanish Civil war, very interesting thread please add more pics of places and finds when you get a chance

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    I've only been searching on the land near the house, there are too many unclear areas around the law regards metal detecting here and I don't know the language well enough to discuss things so played it safe and have just been detecting my ground.Spanish Civil WarSpanish Civil WarSpanish Civil WarSpanish Civil War

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